1. Together take action as workshop theme

We are living in the same house, our planet. The world always changes day by day, time by time, even though it is not easy to recognize in the short-term. Along with its, our life is also changing. Beside, human society has achieved remarkable progress in many areas but are also facing with many challenges such as environmental change, disaster, diseases, deforestation …that some case we can’t control or hard handle them. We are member of big family, living under same house are concerned about these issues. It is a hard-work but it will become lighter and easier if we together give hand in order to contribute to solve them.

We each play an important role in stopping or at least reducing these challenges by taking action and giving solutions in order to how to overcome. Through this program, I had opportunity to meet, discuss and share my ideas that I hope can address issues we are facing. I will keeping contribute to build and develop the network, make it become stronger and wider. I and other participants, we shared and learned each other. All of us, we hope that gave hand to build a bright future, not for only for us but also for future generation. We together took action as concept note: “Forest and Youth: Youth in the forefront of forest conservation in ASEAN and Korea”

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2. Teamwork skill

Everyone in the group will be more consensus toward the goal and devoted to the overall success of the exercise when we jointly determine and outline methods of achieving them. When members together contribute to solve a common problem, we learned how to handle all tasks simple or difficult and learned from the other members. Group activities provide opportunities for members to satisfy the needs of the ego, well received and express every potential. Group activities to help develop the ability to coordinate the creative mind to take the right decision.

At the workshop we learned teamwork skills through activities such as UCC making, mission impossible, five senses forest experience, group field trip… And this was also a good opportunity for us to understand each other and build a friendship.

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3. Be confident to succeed

Whether you like it or not, you still have to pass the language to express yourself outside. This is the chance for me to try and cultivate the best confidence. You need to speak out the words from the bottom of my heart, do not care that it had “intelligence” or not, surely you would not say those words useless, ridiculous, right? But, if you only dare to speak out when there is enough quality “imagination” as to have wisdom, must be educated, have said, for the good, you will forever be a normal human. I have seen many talented people were buried by a cause as well: Do not know and do not dare to express themselves.

A typical example at the workshop was thank-you speech of the in-bond closing ceremony with confidence voiced from Anggara Raharyo. Reciprocate his success was a very loud and long applause and a value gift from the program. A speech with full of confidence and sense that I have learned from him.

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4. Experienced diverse cultures

The workshop consist of Korea and the 10 ASEAN Member States, each country has its own culture of their people.

National identity is a prism through which we can recognize their nation as a whole linked to the characteristics of traditional culture, language and political characteristics. National identity of a people is the feeling of belonging somewhere or have a general feeling with the group regardless of their citizenship status. Culture helps us define who we are and opens the way to live in harmony.

Through workshop, the friends from different countries brought and introduced their culture imbued with national identity to their other friends, other country. This was a good opportunity to rediscover and learn more about the cultures of friends.

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5. Build friendship

Through the activities of the workshop we had the opportunity to meet many new faces with new thinking. Before the workshop, we absolutely do not know each other, but during and after the workshop, facebook and contact list of everyone were become longer by adding new friends. I also I had a chance to know more about friends who are with special hobbies as who like adventurous or who like hugging trees, very special, right?

In particular, I have been enjoying trips with friends in the group. They did free tour guide and brought me to places with beautiful scenery in Seoul, where I did not have the opportunity to discover although I am studying in Korea. By the way, for me to say thank you to my kindly and cute friends: Kim Ka-eun, Choi Da In, Choi JinSoo, Kim Hojea…

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Giap Do Van, ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop 2015 participant