The ASEAN-Korea Centre will host the ‘ASEAN-Korea Media Forum’ under the theme of ‘ASEAN Wave and Korean Wave’ on Wednesday, 24 April, 14:00~17:00, at Lotte Hotel Emral Room in Seoul. The main participants include journalists and government officials from ten ASEAN Member States, academics and highly qualified professionals from entertainment industry. The focal point of discussion featuring at the event  is ‘ASEAN-Korea bilateral cultural exchanges, and the role of media in promoting the cultural interaction’. Anyone who is interested in such topic is welcome to join!

2019 is a milestone year for both ASEAN and Korea. It marks the 30th Anniversary of the ASEAN-Korea Dialogue Relations, and the 10th Anniversary of establishment of ASEAN-Korea Centre. The ASEAN-Korea Media Forum is the first kick-off event, commemorating the meaning juncture in ASEAN-Korea relations. A series of subsequent events will follow: ASEAN Week in June, ASEAN Train in October, ASEAN-Korea Export and Import Fair in November, ASEAN-Korea Special Summit in November, and ASEAN-Korea Startup Summit in November.

ASEAN-Korea Media Forum: