On 16 November, a team of 20 youth delegates visited the ASEAN Hall of ASEAN-Korea Centre.

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Madam Jang Yeun-ju Jessy, Deputy Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre delivered a welcoming remark, “Korea has a very different weather condition and visitors from ASEAN just accept that as a part of Korean weather culture and experience seasonal changes in Korea. The ASEAN-Korea Centre is the only official intergovernmental organisation supporting the enhancement of ASEAN-Korea relations. The Centre organises various programmes to promote cooperation between Korea and ASEAN Member States in the fields of trade and investment, cultural and tourism, and people exchanges. The ASEAN Hall is decorated with objects made with the spirit of craftsmanship from ASEAN Member States and the Centre seeks to design the interior filled with products purchased directly from the suppliers in ASEAN Member States. Many programmes are available for youths to participate in and this is an opportunity for the ASEAN youths to visit Korea and contribute cultural enrichment and diversity to Korean society”.

Won Ji-hyeon, Senior Office of the ASEAN-Korea Centre, explained official programmes hosted by the ASEAN-Korea Centre. Ms. Won said that “the general public may know what ASEAN is, but probably, not a great deal of people are aware of the history and historical emergence of ASEAN. Having walked through different stages of expansion, ASEAN now has objectives of creating Economic, Political Security, and Socio-Cultural Communities. ASEAN is geographically important location, acting as new economic engines for the world economy. In line with this trend, South Korean government announced New Southern Policy, containing mandates to promote genuine people-centred ASEAN-Korea relations. Moreover, trade volume with ASEAN is the second largest after China, and further rises in the areas of tourism, trade and investment are noteworthy. To reflect such important trends, the ASEAN-Korea Centre holds a variety of projects to increase cooperation, people exchanges, people-centred community for youths in ASEAN and Korea. Amongst many, there are Academic Essay Contest, Youth Short Film Festival, Youth Workshop and etc.

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In a Q&A session, Siti Tri Joelyartini, Deputy Head of the ASEAN-Korea Centre, answered queries from the youth delegation. There were questions regarding the eligibility of programmes, kinds of youth workshops, and the Centre’s long-term visions. The students were given books and leaflets of the previous activities for their own reference. Furthermore, Ms. Siti referred to the statement of the Chairperson of the ASEAN-Korea Summit. On 14 November, the ASEAN-Korea Summit provided an official welcome to New Southern Policy and Presidential Special Committee of New Southern Policy. In addition, the enhancement of ASEAN-Korea strategic partnership rooted upon the values of people, prosperity, peace were warmly admitted. ASEAN-Korea Business Council, the ASEAN-Korea Centre and other relevant institutions should work together to increase productivity of small to medium companies, innovation, human resources development, finance and market accessibility. This may facilitate sharing successful industry policies and pooling knowledge to develop the best role model for the purposes of fostering strong economy. Following this statement, the ASEAN-Korea Centre aims to play a central role in the growing importance of strategic ASEAN-Korea partnership.

The ASEAN Hall of ASEAN Korea-Centre conducts the youth visit programme with the objective of raising the awareness of ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea partnership among youths from primary school to university students level.

Those who would like to visit the Centre may send their inquires to visit@aseankorea.org or contact the Centre by calling +82-2-2287-1177.

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