Located on the top floor of Suria KLCC, Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, is an interactive science discovery centre for people of all ages. Established in 1999, Petrosains has been welcoming more than 5 million visitors who have taken the exciting journey of exploring, discovering and learning science through everyday life. It is wholly owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, a not-for-profit set up extending PETRONAS’ commitment as a socially responsible corporate citizen in providing a rich and stimulating environment.

Petrosains is quite known to primary and secondary students as it is the usual field trip that their school organize, even for schools that are not located in Kuala Lumpur as schools from different states will also often visit Petrosains. I do not recall visiting Petrosains when I was in secondary school, however, I do have a few memories of my trip to Petrosains when I was in primary school, at 12 years old.

One of the most famous experience at Petrosains was the way to enter and exit the exhibition as it is called the Dark Ride, a black helmet-shaped gondola that can fit about 6 adults maximum and will take you onto a journey that will last 4 minutes. The journey will explain the beauty and wonders of Malaysia and Petronas and what it caters to the country.


There are 11 different types of stations and 3 different labs, each catering to different age groups. Once you get down from the Dark Ride, you will enter the Space Station and be greeted with numerous interactive activities, from feeling the wind at Neptune to being spun around on the Human Gyro and even listening to on one of the planets. Before heading towards Diorama, you will have to walk through one of the creepiest places which is the Time Tunnel and be welcomed by the T-Rex and Diorama where you can learn about fossils and dinosaurs. There is also a bridge from one end to another, with dinosaurs and plants beneath the hovering wooden bridge, mimicking as if you are in the jungle eons ago.


Moving forward, the next station is Science Station and Sparkz! There will be a Science Show that starts at 10.30am and goes on every hour until 3.30pm, each hour presenting a different type of science fact and simulation. I managed to watch the one that they taught the necessary elements needed for combustion, which was heat, air and fuel. At Sparkz, there is the Maker Studio Lab catering to kids being able to build, create and bring home the things that they did in the lab.  In the lab as well, there are a lot of Do-It-Yourself materials, 3D printers and so many more.


Next, one of the hot-spot is the Oil Platform as it is a replica of the oil rig in the middle of the deep ocean. I dare say it is one of my favourite spots ever, visitors get to play around with the things there, for example wear the suits and safety helmets and even pose for pictures. Not just that, they get to also jump onto the safety float, walk around the 2-storey high platform and imagine themselves on one of the rigs. The next station is what every speed lover would spend most of their time, there are Virtual Reality speed racing, Cy-Craft and an exact simulation of the F1 for visitors to try their hand at. After that is the Sliding Tube where kids and adults alike can give a shot at, gleeful screams of joy will be heard as some of them loved it so much, they slid down numerous times.


After that is the Molecule Café, where visitors can refuel before continuing their journey of interactive fun. They then can climb up the stairs whilst surrounded by molecules that is filled with facts. There are 2 more labs on the 2nd floor which is the Play Lab, catering to children between the age of 4 years old and above and Creative Lab which only opens during peak seasons. The next exhibition is the Future Energy and the hot-spot, 3D theatre. The 3D theatre plays 2 types of movies, each is 15 minutes long, and the one that attracts the most attention as it allows everyone to enter and enjoy a show.

Afterwards is the CyberSafe where children get to learn to be safe online as everything is on-line now and adults to be aware of what their children is playing. As mentioned before, the exit is the Dark Ride as well and individuals get to enjoy a different type of show compared to the one when they enter, including a glow in the dark area as well.

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre will always be a fun and informative space for everyone to learn and also have fun at the same time!

Disclaimer: Pictures are taken and edited by me.