It’s not unusual for Indonesian people who know K-Pop songs disseminating the fandom K-Pop around the world. What’s unusual is when songs from Indonesian musicians become famous in South Korea. Not as popular as K-Pop in Indonesia, but the achievement of this Indonesian musician deserves an applause. Who are they? They are Mocca.

Mocca is a group of indie band originally formed in Bandung, Indonesia. The group consists of four members: Riko Prayitno (Guitar), Arina Ephipania (Vocal and Flute), Achmad Pratama (Bass), and Indra Massad (Drum). Mocca made their debut in 2003 with ‘My Diary’ album and it was popular hit in Indonesia with its title song Me and My Boyfriend. It has been 15 years since their debut and Mocca continues to inspire us.

Mocca’s extraordinary talent in music paved their path internationally, including in South Korea. So let’s get to know more about the achievements of Indonesia’s most talented indie band in South Korea.

Five Achievements of Mocca in South Korea

1. Songs Featured in Korean TV Commercial

There are two songs from Mocca which have been featured as background music on commercial Korean television shows. The first song is ‘The Best Thing’. The Best Thing was featured as BGM for television commercial for LG air conditioner Whisen in 2008. The Best Thing is a single album released by Mocca in 2007.

Still in the same year, another Mocca’s song got featured on Korean TV commercial programmes, Asiana Airlines. In that TV commercial, Asiana Airlines used ‘I Remember’ from Mocca as its background music.

2. Korean Singers Covered Mocca’s Song

Cover song is one of the indicators which show how popular a song is. And Mocca proved that their song is popular enough to be covered by Korean singers. In 2016, Akdong Musician, the duo brother-sister from YG Entertainment, covered Mocca’s song ‘Happy’ on one of their appearances on Park Jiyoon’s FM Date of KBS Radio. Akdong Musician also sang Happy when they appeared as guest on Happy Together on KBS TV. You can see their cover performance on Park Jiyoon’s FM Date by clicking this link.

Not only Akdong Musician, the main vocalist of popular group, G-Friend, Eunha also did cover of one of Mocca’s song ‘I Remember’ when she visited Jakarta for Music Bank Concert in 2017.

3. Mocca’s Invited to Korean Television Show and Awards

Probably most of Korean people know Mocca’s songs, especially ‘Happy’. But not many sing that song. Thankfully, Mocca got several opportunities to appear on some Korean television shows.

In 2014, Mocca’s invited to EBS Space where they sang two songs, ‘Happy’ and ‘Swing It, Bob’. You can see their beautiful performance through this link. You will also notice some audiences sang “Happy” along with Mocca proving the popularity of the song in South Korea.

Recently Mocca also got invited to sing during Asia Song Festival 2017 in Busan. The Asia Song Festival is an annual pop music festival hosted by Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) since 2004. Mocca came as the representative singer from Indonesia during that event along with other representatives from the Asian countries such as Mika Nakashima (Japan), Dong Nhi (Vietnam), Morissette Amon (Philippine), MICappella (Singapore), Dynamic Duo, EXO, Mamamoo, The East Light, and Taeyon from South Korea.

4. Featured in Soundtrack of Drama and TV Show’s BGM

Do you remember the Korean drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” which aired in 2011? Yes, it’s the one with Jung Il Woo and Lee Chung Ah as the lead actors. This Korean drama played Mocca’s “Happy” as one of its soundtrack in Korean version which sung by Yuria.

Other than Flower Boy Ramen Shop, there are several Korean television shows that featured Happy as its background music such as Show Champion and We Got Married.

5. Mocca Held Solo Concert in South Korea

Lastly, Mocca proved their popularity in South Korea by holding a solo concert in the country. The solo concert was organized by Beatball Records, a Seoul based independent record label. Mocca held the solo concert in Mapo Art Centre on 26 June 2009. They were quite surprised by the response of Korean audiences who were familiar with Mocca’s song. Arina, the vocalist of Mocca, said in an interview with Tempo that the audiences in their concert could sing along with her during the concert. They did not know that their songs were that famous in South Korea and they were grateful to Korean people who listen to and appreciate their music.

By Ilham Mubarok, ASEAN Correspondent from Indonesia