Geographically located in the southern part of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Cambodia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast and Vietnam to the east, is determined to be one of the top friendliest countries globally; according to InterNations, 2017 and Forbes, 2018. Notwithstanding the tight schedule every single day, Cambodians still raise their chins up towards visitors from everywhere and provide each one of them with heartwarming reception.

In term of the location, Cambodia where the middle section mostly consists of a low-lying alluvial plain is thoroughly surrounded by enormous hills and mountains, especially the range of Kravanh mountain, which function as strong barriers to protect the country from any sorts of natural disasters, such as floods, heavy storms, tornados, etc. Travelers, thus, do not need to concern any danger whenever they visit the place.


Cambodia is blessed to be surrounded by various mountains which function as strong barriers against natural disasters

So far, Siem Reap province situated in Northwestern Cambodia has attracted a large majority of tourists, either domestic or international, to have a visit owing to its stunning stone temples, in particular Angkor Wat temple, and many other tourist destinations. Nonetheless, Cambodia is separated into 24 provinces plus 1 capital city, Phnom Penh. And each province does have beautiful tourist attractions which travel lovers shall come to explore in their lifetime.


Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap province is one of UNESCO Heritage Sites in the world

Quite similar to Siem Reap, there are various ancient temples, namely Preah Khan Kampong Svay, Koh Ker, Kork Beng, Noreay, Phnom Pralean, etc., in Preah Vihear province. Among all of which, Preah Vihear temple, which was included into the World Heritage Site list by UNESCO in 2008, is the hotspot in the province. Located in the Northern portion of Cambodia and bordered Oudor Meanchey and Siem Reap to the west, this province has full of extraordinary temples, is even blessed with an abundance of natural beauty.

Denoted as the Mother of Nature in Cambodia, Mondulkiri, is also one among the best destinations for nature lovers intentionally spending holiday in Cambodia. Located on the southeast plateau of the country, this hilly province is full of natural tourist sites, such as Phnom Dos Kramom, the Ocean of Trees, Bou Sra Waterfall, and so on. With full of natural resources, Mondulkiri is also known as a great campsite for visitors worldwide and it is even famous for the coffee produced from local plants.


Bou Sra is the biggest one among all powerful waterfalls in Mondulkiri province

Bordering Mondulkiri to the south, Ratanakiri province has attracted thousands of tourists to have a visit owing to the breathtaking scenery of its Yeak Loarm Lake, a lake in the middle of a mountain, which was formed from a volcano many centuries ago. Near the shore of the Yeak Loam lake, there is Ethnic Minority Museum where tourists can see traditional hill tribe textiles and tools as well. Additionally, there are some impressive waterfalls, namely Ka Chanh, Ka Tieng, Cha Ong, etc., plus other tourist sites which make Ratanakiri one of must-visited places in Cambodia.


This stunning shaking bridge can actually be found at Ka Chanh waterfall in Ratanakiri province

Besides above-mentioned provinces, Koh Kong, whose tourist destinations include Khun Chhang Khun Phen, Mangrove forest, Koh Sdech, Sner beach, Prek Chik O’Srey Sranosh, etc., also attracts numerous visitors annually. Furthermore, powerful waterfalls, Ta Tai, Veal Achaut, Kbal Chhay E91, etc., as well as a life of wilderness is also found in the province. And if tourists bring passports with them, they can even travel to Thailand which shares the border with Koh Kong province; located mostly on the Southwestern Cambodia.


Visitors can rent a boat to go around the huge mangrove forest in Koh Kong province

In case the blue ocean, white beach, golden sunset and delicious seafood are all tourists’ favorites, they then can actually travel to Sihanouk Ville or Kep province. Located in the South of the country around 185 kilometres from the capital city, Sihanouk Ville is full of either beautiful beaches, such as O’Chheuteal, O’tres, Independence, Ream, etc., or islands, including Koh Pous, Koh Rong, Koh Rong Sanleum, Koh Tang. While the Kep province, is situated in the South of the country, there are other tourist attractions, namely Kep beach, Koh Ton Say, Sar Sear mountain, zoo, etc., which tourists can come to indulge on any special occasion.


This photo was taken at Koh Rong Sanleum in Sihanouk Ville in 2018

Bordering Kep province to the south, west and east, Kampot province is blessed with its endless natural treasure. Various tourist sites, namely Bokor Hill Station, Kampong Trach, Phnom K’Chnor, Phnom Seda Orn, Teuk Chhu resort and zoo, etc., are all in Kampot province. Besides that, most handicrafts made up of seashells as well as corals and even salt products are made in Kampot district nearby the sea. Furthermore, this province is popular for the taste of durians originally from it.


This photo was captured during the golden sunset at Kep beach in 2018

Diverse tourist destinations are pointed out above, yet there are still more astonishing places to explore in other provinces, namely Battambong, Kroches, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, etc., in Cambodia. In addition, Phnom Penh city, known as the pearl of Asia, even captures the interest of foreign investors to make an investment in any type of business. The foreign travelers help Cambodian government officials make profits from the beauty of its Royal Palace, National Museum of Arts, Independence Monument, Night Market and more.

In short, these are the reasons why Cambodia could be one of the phenomenal places to reach once in a lifetime. The positive attitudes of Cambodian citizens, the physical location, the countless tourist attractions and natural gems, the inflow of foreign investment, so on and so forth, are all the factors plausibly leading the developing country like Cambodia to be one of the top tourist destinations in Asia in the future.