Among all provinces in Cambodia, Mondulkiri is the largest one which occupies the area of 14,288 square kilometers in the Southeast plateau. Bordering Ratanakiri to the north, Kratie to the west and the neighboring country Vietnam to the East and South, this hilly province is choke full of natural beauty, with majestic mountains covered by thick forests, powerful waterfalls, various crop plantations, indigenous wildlife, in which has been regarded as the Mother of Nature nationwide.

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This photo was taken in the Provincial Town of Mondulkiri – Sen Monorom in 2018

Historically, Mondulkiri was a part of Kratie province, yet it was divided into a new province in 1960 by the former king of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk. Afterwards, the provincial town, Sen Monorom, was established in 1962. Sen Monorom has been known as the best campsite for nature lovers keenly exploring any sections of the whole province. Even if the town is not developed much these days, it tends to be developed into a non-intrusive ecotourism center in the future due to its calm surroundings that beautifully nestle into many hills and full of tourist attractions.

Located 3 km away from Sen Monorom town on the Northeast part, Phnom Dos Kromom, by its natural form, is one of must-visited places in Mondulkiri. The name, Phnom Dos Kromom, means the Virgin’s Breast Hill in English. A trail across the two adjoining hills makes the shape of the mountain similar to human breasts. Whenever visiting Phnom Dos Kromom, travel lovers, most importantly, can even go to another nearby tourist site, known as the Ocean of Trees, where they can see massive forest bending like ocean waves as the wind blows.


This Wooden Board with the Sentence “I Love Mondulkiri” on it cab be found on Phnom Dos Kromom

About 6 km from the town of Sen Monorom, there is a large plantation of pine trees growing in rows where ecotourists should reach owing to its breathtaking view. The ground around the area, by numerous sharp leaves falling from each towering pine tree, turns into a golden carpet, which visitors can lie down on without any disturbed mood. And it is reckoned that those pine trees were planted prior to the creation of Mondulkiri province.

There are more than 60 waterfalls in Mondulkiri. Amongst them, Bou Sra waterfall is assumed to be the largest and most beautiful one with multi-stage falls and a huge swimming basin. It is located in Pich Chenda district about 43 km Northeast of the capital town. Tourists, besides indulging themselves with the beauty of this double-drop waterfall, can buy and eat snacks as they are also available or even have a picnic with relatives around the area.

On the way to and from Bou Sra Waterfall, there is a coffee plantation where visitors can go to look around or buy Mondulkiri coffee, which is rich in taste because of manual harvestation. In addition to that, the weather around the area is ideal for growing any sorts of coffee, in particular Robusta coffee beans. The sufficient sunlight greatly dries up the coffee grains. And they afterward are roasted till becoming almost black in color and then grinded into fine grains, which finally become the best coffee in town.

In case adventurous travelers are passionate about seeing wildlife within the region, there are also two sanctuaries, Phnom Prich situated amidst the Eastern plains as well as Phnom Nam Lear located in Pich Chenda district bordering Vietnam. Phnom Prich sanctuary has an idyllic scenery which can attract tourists’ hearts to visit. It is additionally the wildlife reserve for various species, both protected and endangered, and even the place to conserve flora and fauna within the country.

Similar to the Phnom Prich sanctuary, Phnom Nam Lear sanctuary located approximately 80 km from Sen Monorom is also the wonderful habitat for wildlife, including mammals, reptiles, local birds, etc. The place is well-known for its stunning view with numerous flora and fauna, impressive waterfalls, cliffs, sprawling greenery, and so on. In case the nature lovers tend to explore various parts of the place for a few days, they can even stay in cottages or tents at night.

Besides the two sanctuaries, Phnom Prich and Phnom Nam Lear, there is another wildlife reserve, known as the Memang Gold Mines Area, for a wide range of species, especially flora and fauna. Located around 45 km away from the capital town, this tourist site is a famous excursion spot in the area. Annually, lots of tourists undertake trips to the place because of its natural beauty consisting of local species residing in the surrounding forest. Besides that, the area is ideal for camping activities as well.

Albeit lots of tourist attractions mentioned above, there are still more beautiful places, namely Riverside, Hill Tribe People’s Market, Pahlung Village, Phnom Kraol Cultural resort, etc., to be visited in Mondulkiri. By being enormously rich in natural resources plus tourist sites, this province has attracted thousands of domestic and foreign tourists so far. The provincial government, relying upon the existing assets, can make profits for developing the province and even making Mondulkiri become one of ecotourism destinations for travelers worldwide in the future.