First introduced in 22nd September 2013, organised by Multigreen Events and supported by Kuala Lumpur City Hall, KL Car Free Morning is an attempt to go green and motivate healthy lifestyle for Malaysians, which is also known as Go Green KL Car-Free Morning. This happens every first and third Sunday of each month with jogging, cycling, walking or even skating on major streets of Kuala Lumpur, the Golden Triangle. The start and finish line are at Dataran DBKL 1, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur and it lasts from 7:00AM to 9:00AM. Each time, title sponsor OCBC Bank will offer 140 bicycles for the people to use for free.


When I first realized the KL Car-Free Morning, I joined a marathon with my sister that happened at the same place as the start line of the KL Car-Free Morning. I never thought I could rent a bicycle and ride around Kuala Lumpur main road in the cool air of the brisk morning. After that, my sister and I decided to go down to the city again one Sunday morning, we came at about 7:30AM and all the bicycles were all rented out, so we could only wallow in our sadness and realize that we should have come sooner.

A month after, we decided to try our luck again and this time, we made sure to go early to secure a parking spot nearby the closing area and to secure a bicycle of our own. Renting one bicycle cost RM30 ($7USD) and we could use the bicycle until the closing time which was 9:00AM.


One whole ride through the Golden Triangle takes approximately 7 km, and you will be greeted with runners, people on skates and cycles. Some look professional in their own cycling helmet and gear, whilst some had children in tow with their training wheels on. There was also small bicycle ‘clinic’ at some areas as cycling enthusiasts will set up shop and help those that are having trouble with their bikes.


It was a heart-warming sight to see and be involved in the event as everyone was enjoying their time on the main road which is constantly congested with traffic on normal days. Not only that, the main four junctions in front of Petronas Twin Tower was also closed and everyone, Malaysians and foreigners stopped in the middle of the road to take a picture with the only twin towers of the world.


After cycling, until our legs gave out, we decided to walk to Masjid Jamek, which was less than a kilometre away to get some breakfast at a local café, called LOKL. It doubled as a hostel for tourists that are looking for a cheap and affordable hostel night in the city centre. The café was packed with people, mostly familiar faces that joined the morning event and friendly smiles were exchanged. At the café, I opted for the banana, pecan waffle with gula melaka syrup and it is by far, the best decision and waffle I have ever had. My sister went for their Spanish frittata which is really filling. One of the reasons as to why I enjoy going to the café was that they have a wide selection of food to choose from, like the local gula melaka and a Spanish frittata.

The experience was definitely something that every Malaysian should try their hand at, and not just the locals but also the foreigners too. To be able to be a part of something much bigger than just being healthy, it is to bond and be a whole community together where unity and harmony is so evident in the morning air. I personally think that there is nothing better to start one’s Sunday morning with; adrenaline rush and friendly smiles all around. I would definitely do it again to kick start my Sunday!