On 2 November, a group of young students from Hyewon Girl’s Middle School attended the ASEAN School Tour Programme, provided by the ASEAN-Korea Centre. The students learnt about ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea relations, as well as the roles and functions of international organisations. A special session was offered by Mr. Nongchith Khambounheuang, Head of Trade and Investment Unit of ASEAN-Korea Centre. Mr. Khambounheuang introduced his home country, Lao PDR, which allowed the students to understand Lao PDR better and deeper.

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After watching ‘Korea and ASEAN We are Friends’ educational video, Sarah Chua, Project Assistant of Information and Data Unit, started a quiz event. Those who got the right answer were awarded with stationery and the students demonstrated their interest and passion about learning ASEAN.

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A special session was held by Mr. Khambounheuang. Before starting the session, ‘Laos is Beautiful’ was played, and beautiful natural sites and hidden attractions were displayed with music. Mr. Khambounheuang, stated that “Laos is five hours away from major South Korea’s airports in Incheon and Busan. Many tourists come to Laos to see natural views and to experience exotic culture. In particular, building structures and temples are the most selected places recommended to the tourists in the capital city of Laos, Vientiane.

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Furthermore, Mr Khambounheuang introduced basic colloquial expressions such as how to apologise, greet people in Laos. The official meaning of Laos flag, national flower and animal were also explained. Major national events include Elephant Festival in February and Boating Racing Festival in October. There are 48 ethnic groups and diverse cultural activities that co-exist in Laos. Lao language is easy to learn just like Korean language and people could reach intermediate level in 6 months. Mr Khambounheuang, said that “I hope you spend pleasing time with your family in Laos when you visit and become healthy students.” After the introduction of Laos, the students used papers to describe Laos freely in creative drawing activity. Mr. Khambounheuang thanked everyone for depicting Laos with beautiful pictorial and sketch illustrations and showing their interest in Laos.

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The ASEAN Hall of ASEAN Korea Centre conducts the youth visit program with the objective of raising the awareness of ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea partnership among youths from primary school to university students level.

Those who would like to visit the Centre may send their inquiries to visit@aseankorea.org or contact the Centre by calling +82-2-2287-1177.