The ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) provided a warming reception to 18 Indonesian Youth Delegation members on 19 October at the ASEAN Hall of the ASEAN-Korea Centre. On the same day, we had a group of 42 pupils from Seo Cheon Middle School as part of school tour program.

Madam Siti Tri Joelyartini, Deputy Head of Development Planning and General Affairs Unit, delivered welcoming remarks in Indonesian language and stressed the importance of the AKC in building positive relations in economic and socio-cultural exchanges between the regions.

The Indonesian delegates were introduced to the roles and objectives of the AKC, and a subsequent presentation was held by Ms. Won Ji-hyeon, Senior Officer of Information and Data Unit (IDU), introducing programs and events organized by the AKC.

Furthermore, a Q&A session was held by Mr. Phan The Thang, Deputy Head of IDU. The questions were mainly related to the details and eligibility of the official program. Mr. Phan emphasized that the AKC cannot accomplish its ultimate aims without support from government and the authorities in each ASEAN country. However, the AKC will cooperate with those institutions and promote fundamental agendas they have set to achieve.

After the conference with staff members from the AKC, the Indonesian delegates showed Indonesian music performance to the pupils from Seo Cheon Middle School. The pupils sang ‘Satu Satu’ and gave them an applause once the performance was over.

Secretary General Lee Hyuk noted that he was pleased to listen to such a wonderful Indonesian music and performance in South Korea. He thanked the Indonesian students for having interests in Korean culture. Moreover, he stated that Yongin in Geonggi Province, where Seo Cheon Middle School is located, has a diverse group of population with multiculturalism at the heart of the city centre. He encouraged the pupils from the Middle School to possess kind attitudes towards foreigners and provide good treatments to the Indonesian people living in the area.

KakaoTalk_20181019_114352769KakaoTalk_Moim_801CWspA3xXsJgdfz8D85dBzw3R3RUKakaoTalk_20181019_114354203KakaoTalk_Moim_801CWspA3xXsJgdfz8D85dBzw42BYmKakaoTalk_Moim_801CWspA3xXsJgdfz8D85dBzw3JUyKThe ASEAN Hall of ASEAN-Korea Centre conducts the youth visit programme with the aim of raising the awareness of ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea partnership among youths from primary school to university students level.

Those who would like to visit the Centre may send their inquiries to or contact the Centre by calling +82-2-2287-1177.