Apart from mainstream artists who are big names and have great influence, Vietnamese music industry is now observing an exponential growth of indie singers, most of whom arise from YouTube, Soundcloud and some other social media platforms. While mainstreams artists wear fancy clothes, hire professional crews to build successful public relations plan and have clear direction in their music career, indie artists spontaneously create some pieces of music that fit their emotions and share them with the others.

Since 2017, the Vietnamese music industry has been dominated by a wave of indie songs from amateur artists. Many people are stunned by how a totally new name who has no professional experience in composing, producing or singing can top charts for a long time. “Tuy Am”, an indie song that achieved 19 million views on YouTube after 19 days of release, was composed by a high school student who had no musical experience. The Indie music has won everyone’s heart thanks to its authenticity, purity and intimate lyrics.

Here are the four most famous Vietnamese indie artists that will make your day with their music:

1. Vũ. 

Vũ. - one of the most succesful Vietnamese indie artist Credit: kenh14.vn

Vũ. – one of the most succesful Vietnamese indie artist
Credit: kenh14.vn

Without any PR plans, sponsorship, crews, the only thing that draws people to Vũ’s music is his heavenly voice. His music is authentic, filled with raw stories of one of the most beautiful things on earth: love. He sings about breakups, nostalgia and despair. Love in Vũ’s songs is not the intense love of young lovebirds but rather a profound, calm and subtle love of soulmates. His beautiful, soothing voice combining with the nostalgic vibe of his melodies can make you cry.

Vũ’s popular songs are Lạ lùng, Mùa mưa ngâu nằm cạnh, Còn anh, Đông kiếm em, Phút ban đầu, etc. He also collaborates with other indie artists. You can listen to his music on his YouTube channel and Soundcloud.

2. Cá Hồi Hoang

Cá Hồi Hoang - a must-hear Vietnamese indie band Credit: Barcode Magazine Vietnam

Cá Hồi Hoang – a must-hear Vietnamese indie rock band
Credit: Barcode Magazine Vietnam

The 4-member indie band from Saigon, Vietnam is one of the most attractive indie artists in southern Vietnam, in particular and through the nation in general. Their music carry viewpoints on existence, youth, impermanence and hope. Their lyrics are amazingly profound and philosophical, which maybe quite difficult to understand at first but you can become immersed in them after a several times of listening. Their music videos prove excellent and unique visual mindset. If you have a gloomy day and feel as if the world is so harsh, Cá Hồi Hoang’s music can give you a sense of being cherished and comfort to you.

Cá Hồi Hoang’s popular songs are Nhà 9A, Tầng thượng 102, Điền vào ô trống, Hết mực, etc. You can listen to their music on their YouTube channel, Soundcloud and visit their website: https://www.cahoihoang.com/.

3. Ngọt

Ngọt - a young indie band that attracts great attention Credit: Elle Man Vietnam

Ngọt – a young indie band that attracts great attention
Credit: Elle Man Vietnam

Consists of four members who consider music as a token of emotions, Ngọt band attract lots of attention from indie lovers. Just like Vũ and Cá Hồi Hoang, Ngọt refuses to compromise with audiences and the market. They are committed to following their musical instinct, which has made the band appealing to the general public. Ngọt’s music praises youth and freedom through the lenses of young adults, who face insecurity, conflicts and pressure. Above all, they play with their music with a pure heart. Ngọt’s lyrics convey questions that every youngster may have once asked themselves in a lifetime, which is why audiences can find a sense of sympathy when listening to their music.

Ngọt’s popular songs are Em dạo này, Cho tôi đi theo, Cho, Bartender, Không làm gì, etc. You can listen to their music on their YouTube channel, Soundcloud

4. Da LAB


Da LAB – a “million view” indie band Credit: Ticketbox News

While Vũ, Cá Hồi Hoang and Ngọt are very young indie artists, Da LAB’s members are now fathers. Ngọt’s most famous piece of music is “Một nhà”, a “national song” that you can find at any party, gathering, campfire or exchange programs in Vietnam. Their most viewed MV is “Từ ngày em đến”, which has achieved 25 millions views on YouTube. Da LAB’s music reflects raw, uncensored reality of the society such as ignorance of modern people, challenges that young people have to face and the value of family. Their melodies are easy to catch up with. If you have just come home from work after a tired day and feel like your life is so boring, pick up a song from Da LAB to feel fresher and more motivated.

Da LAB’s popular songs are Thanh xuân, Từ ngày em đến, Một nhà, You can listen to their music on their YouTube channel and Soundcloud.

With their unique viewpoint on different aspects of life as well as a civilized musical mindset, these indie artists and many more are breathing a new air into Vietnamese music industry. Hopefully, their music can reach audiences from other countries so that more and more people can see how talented Vietnamese young people are.