According to the updated statistics in 2017, more than 50 well-known brand names, such as: Giordano, Mango, Zara, Top shop, Gap, Old Navy,… have opened store in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi – the two biggest city in Vietnam and been on the way to grab the attention of Vietnamese fashionista.

With the fast-growing invasion of more foreign fashion brands in Vietnam, it might be thought that only a small space in the market is being left for domestic brands. However, the Vietnamese youngster did successfully showing their great ability in designing and building unique concept for their own brands. They know how to catch up with the latest trend in the world, and still preserve cultural factor in every design. More than that, though the pressure from foreign brand exists, there still rooms for Vietnamese fashion brands because they understand Vietnamese’s taste and offer products at better price. Below are some “booming brands”, which are increasingly trendy and well-known among the hundreds of fashion players from oversea and gradually becoming “top-notch” options for the stylist young generation.


If you are a vintage-holic and follower of elegant style, you can’t miss a chance to drop in the Nosbyn shop. Founded in April 2013, Nosbyn is another successful example of “minimalism” style which pursues minimalisms since the very early days.

For those who love putting on frills but don’t want to spend much time pondering on what-to-wear and how-to-wear, NOSBYN can totally fulfill your desires. With the slogan “Another form of simplicity”, the owner wants to deliver the message that, “minimalism” can be just as cool and inspiring as more ornate looks.

With its Vietnamese-inspired aesthetic, clean tailoring, and neutral color palette, all of its items can be effortlessly chic for almost any occasion – perfectly suited to be either workday or weekend attire. The timelessness of garments will make them mainstays in your wardrobe over seasons.



If you are a vintage trapped in a modern world, you can play dress-up everyday in styles from your favorite bygone eras by shopping with Tu Nha May (Cloudy Wardrobe). Those items are tailored very colorful in terms of its palette with plenty of pieces featuring tiny flowers and graphic patterns, such as: stripes, mini floral print, dots…. If you prefer freedom with no boundaries than strict rules, comfort without sacrificing glamour, Tu Nha May (Cloudy Wardrobe) is one of best choice in the fashion pool.

As how it called, Tu Nha May (Cloudy Wardrobe) reflects the highfaluting style where the woman would be able to show off their feminine figure and instinct elegance. They could be an adorable dress featured a flirty cut-out back or breeze and infinitively pretty floral dress like a bohemian goddess, then suddenly swapping for something bolder like this retro-inspired color scheme.

Month by month, there are wide range of items tailored constantly (i.e. shirt dress, tunic dress, kimono cardigan, modernized “Ao dai”…) but still always out of stock and do not satisfy the huge demands of the market.

To sum up, the market analysis firm found that clothing is the biggest segment of the fashion market with estimated value of $245 million in 2017. Also, according to Nielsen, Vietnamese spending on clothes is now the third priority, which enable to guarantee the future potential demands on fashion industry. Accordingly, there still remains vacancies for young and talented designers longing for dedicating to domestic fashion industry. What they should do at this stage is continuously diversifying their designs and better preparing more influential and effective marketing strategies to grab brand’s recognition from local consumers.

Huyen Pham