Ayumi Shirai (The U of Tokyo)

1  Global trends in Digitalization: Team building activities (2nd July)

I am very happy that I can take a class of proposal of Education curriculum. After learning lecture, we discussed our future education plans. I believe these classes will give hope and strength to student. It is important to contribute to the advancement of social life and culture through social life and culture through the development of students in Asia is the world’s growth centre, which has seen the expansion of many Korean companies. By implementing a human development program for foreign students, a larger and closer human network can be built between Korea and ASEAN countries. This is expected to contribute to the overall growth.

In our lectures, we value individual opinions when various classrooms meet, there is an exchange of information, including the education know-how practiced in classrooms in each country and region, not only through the Internet. This contributes to instruction methods that are different from the manualized teaching methods using education materials. In addition, the exchange of opinions can upgrades the teaching abilities of instructors, and leads to further development of the entire country’s education methods.

1 Global trends in Digitalization

1-2 Global trends in Digitalization


2  Cultural Experience : Korean Traditional Handcrafts. (6th July)

The under side of the shell is covered with pearls. To experience Korean traditional culture, it is important to first understand the cultures. Teacher has great skill. We can expertly cut their key holder from pale sheet by ourself. It is perfect souvenir.

2 Cultural Experience Korean Traditional Handcrafts 1 2 Cultural Experience Korean Traditional Handcrafts 2


3  Site visit : Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar .(8th July)

We visited many sightseeing points. In particular, I liked the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. We travelled on the Stagecoach and ship around the historical city to experience the place as in the beginning of the last century. Then, we took a casual drive around the Park. We also witnessed the traditional show, i.e., Happiness Celebration. The people were dressed in their special costumes for the celebrations. And greeted the guests from  the parade. There was traditional music everywhere.

3-1 Site visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (1) 3-2 Site visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (2)


4. Site visit : QBO Innovation Hub ( 8th July).

First, the Philippine Government has aimed to achieve ‘ Society 5.0′ through the full utilization of technological innovation including AI and Big Date derived from the fourth industrial revolution. For this, industries must play a key role. In this regard, the Philippine Government has announced Connected Industries, which is a new concept framework in which industries will create new added value and solutions to various problems in society through connectedness of various facets of modern life, including   machines, systems, and companies. To this end, the Philippine Government has advanced a wide variety of policy initiatives in cooperation with sector parties.
4 -1 Site visit  QBO Innovation Hub 4-2 Site visit  QBO Innovation Hub (2)

Second, innovations have the power to change the world’s common understanding. For example, a majority of the individuals posted information on Facebook and Instagram. Thus, people all around the world can check personal memories and individual episodes.

It is a great pleasure for me to be visiting Korea and The Philippines. I would like to express our profound gratitude to ASEAN- Korean Centre for planning wonderful workshops for us during our 10 days-stay here.