In downtown Yangon, the roads and streets are lined up with vendors who sell various street food in carts or stalls. Street food in Yangon is cheap, delicious and easily available. Among the popular street food in the city, here are 5 recommended street food to try on your visit!

1.  Mohinga

The “Mohinga” is the most popular national dish. It is rice noodle with thick broth composed of fish, chickpea flour, eggs, banana stem, onions and lemongrass. It is usually eaten as breakfast but it can be eaten throughout the day. Street vendors sell Mohinga all over the city. It is tastier to eat Mohinga with fried crackers and some flavours such as chilli, pepper and soy sauce than the plain dish. Mohinga is the important part of daily Myanmar food.

Mohinga Credit - Hnin Thida Nwe

Mohinga (Photo Credit: Hnin Thida Nwe)

2.  Rakhine Mont Ti

The “Rakhine Mont Ti” is also referred as “Hot throat, Hot tongue.” As the name implies, it is served as a hot and spicy dish. This dish of rice noodle and thin fish soup with green chilli paste, pepper and parsley leaves comes from Rakhine State on the west coast of Myanmar. Although it is similar to Mohinga, both have their own peculiar taste. A good thing about this food is that it can be eaten not only as soup but also as salad.

Rakhine Mont Ti Credit- Hnin Thida Nwe

Rakhine Mont Ti (Photo Credit: Hnin Thida Nwe)

3.  Mont Lin Ma Yar

The “Mont Lin Ma Yar” is translated as “husband and wife snack.” It is made of two sides which are joined together into a mini-pancake with rice flour, quail eggs, and chickpeas, so that the snack seems like a couple. They are visually stunning and tasteful.

Mont Lin Ma Yar Credit - amazing yangon

Mont Lin Ma Yar (Photo Credit: Amazing Yangon)

4.  Laphet Thoke / Tea Leaf Salad

The “Laphet Thoke” is salad which contains pickled tea leaves, diced tomatoes, nuts, corns, deep fried anchovies and garlic which are mixed with oil, salt and a squeeze of lime. It is a refreshing afternoon snack which goes well together with tea.

Laphet Thoke Credit - Hnin Thida Nwe

Laphet Thoke (Photo Credit: Hnin Thida Nwe)

5.  Bayar Kyaw / Yellow Split Pea Fritter

The “Bayar Kyaw” is a delicious appetizer, especially when it is hot and eaten with sweet and sour sauce. The yellow split peas are soaked overnight and they are spiced with red chili, onion, turmeric and salt before deep frying with oil.

Bayar kyaw Credit - Hnin Thida Nwe

Bayar Kyaw (Photo Credit: Hnin Thida Nwe)


Written by Hnin Thida Nwe, ASEAN correspondent from Myanmar