When you visit another country, it is so unfortunate not to eat their own country street food. In Thailand, you can easily find vendors who sell various food. They set up a stall, tables, and chairs for people to eat. You can eat there or get food that you already ordered to go. Especially, there are a lot of foods that you can enjoy in Thailand – but I will introduce the most famous Thai snacks and desserts that you can easily find on a street!

(Photo credit by Ms, Kim)

Photo Credit: Kim Min Jung


1.  Thai Tea / Cha Yen

(Photo credit by Ms. Kim)

Photo Credit: Kim Min Jung

The “Thai Tea,” also known as “Cha Yen” in Thailand, is made from strongly brewed Ceylon tea, which is sweetened with sugar and condensed milk. If you try this tea, you will not be able to escape from it. You can easily find vendors who sell this tea on the streets. Also, it tastes quite similar to bubble tea.


2.  Khanom Biang

The “Khanom Biang” is called the Thai craft for its resemblance to a little pancake. It also looks like a Mexican food called taco. But one different thing is that the Khanom Biang is made of rice powder. Coconut cream or sliced coconut can be added to make it more tasty.

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3.  Khanom Look Chup

The “Khanom Look Chup” is a traditional Thai dessert which looks artistically beautiful. It is made to resemble fruits or vegetables. The name of this desert is derived from two Thai words. “Look” means the “shape of circle” and “chup” means “dipping in.” It is dipped in gelatin and sugar to make it look glister. It is also filled with sweetened yellow bean paste.

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4.  Mango Sticky Rice / Khaoniao Mamuang

The “Khaoniao Mamuang” is very famous and popular in Thailand. The person who never tasted it may ask, “How can I eat rice with mango?,” but you don’t need to worry. Rice is sweetened with sugar and coconut milk or palm sugar. So when you eat with mango and sticky rice, it tastes really good!

(Photo credit by Ms. Kim)

Photo Credit: Kim Min Jung



By Kim Min Jung, ASEAN Correspondent from Thailand