Located at the heart of ASEAN, Thailand is a trading partner of many countries around the world and cosmetic market is growing day by day.

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The value of cosmetics market in Thailand stood at THB 250 billion in 2015, of which THB 150 billion was from domestic consumption and THB 100 billion was for exports. Also, Thailand’s beauty and personal care product market was valued at approximately $4.7 billion in 2017, a 7.8% increase from 2016.

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Among the various of cosmetic product in Thailand, skincare product accounts for 47% of the market, while hair product with 18% and personal hygiene with 16%. Lastly, make up products account for 14% of the market. It is possible to divide cosmetic products into different types, such as anti-aging care product, color cosmetics, sun care, baby and child-specific products and natural and organic beauty care products. Also, men grooming products are getting popular.


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We can easily get cosmetics at drug stores. Most popular drug stores in Thailand are Watsons and Boots. It is easy to find different chain stores on the streets, especially in Bangkok. They offer quite reasonable price and discounts. They also have a pharmacy where you can buy medicine.

(Photo credit : Ms. Kim)

Photo Credit: Kim Min Jung

Thanks to popularity of K-pop and K-drama in Thailand, many Korean cosmetic brands are launched in the country, such as Etude, It’s skin, Nature Republic, 3ce, Skinfood, Laneige, CNP, etc. In 2002, Korean cosmetic export amounted to $80 million and increased to over $400 million twelve years later. It proves how popular Korean cosmetics are in Thailand and it is expected that they will maintain its popularity in the years to come.


By Kim Min Jung, ASEAN Correspondent from Thailand