Of all the fashion trends that have dominated the Kingdom’s media outlets, the country’s traditional wedding attires are the most special that have received a greater attention than that of which the public have for other styles, thus motivating designers from all parts of the country to create new designs based on the evolving demand from people who greatly value fancy and modern clothing.


The trend of that era came to an end when the Kingdom finally found itself being dragged into the flame of large-scale civil wars of which period survival became the priority of both women and men.


Since the day on which the country held its first democratic election that was a product of long negotiation between parties to the conflict, the middle class families have started to emerge in the country  – a more affluent generation of educated Cambodians with access to the internet and interest in the outside world.

These young people harbour a thirst to carve out their own look and once again plant Cambodia on the region’s style map. This has led to the emergence of a bubbling fashion scenes, including those of wedding ceremonies.


For the ladies of today’s Cambodia, who receive the wedding invites, there can never be enough make-up or sequins. Those women often go to town in peacock-coloured traditional silk skirts, beaded bodices or bling ballgowns. Join in the fun with a pre-wedding package at a salon — you’ll be crimped, primped and sent on your way with an inch of makeup and risk of a typhoon if you blink your false eyelashes too rapidly.



Men, who attend the wedding as guests, are often seen wearing new jeans or formal trousers, with a short-sleeved silk shirt or something snazzy from the market. Check out pop-up shirt stalls by the roadside for a suitably sparkly or floral number and do try it on — arm length and chest size could be on the small side.

Everyone has a flair for fashion. People are known by the clothes they wear as it defines their style. Due to this, everyone in Cambodia today pays great attention to what they wear and how they are able to carry it off. This universal phenomenon is present all over the world and people love it.

Cambodia is no exception to this as people in the country are very fashion conscious now. The traditional dress is known as Khmer as many people still prefer to buy it but over the years, the dressing styles have changed and many have adapted the modern trends.


By Sivutha Tan, ASEAN Correspondent from Cambodia