Beauty trends in Thailand did not change significantly over the past few years. Let’s take a look in more details!


Beauty Section in department store in Thailand Photo by IamNaZza

Beauty section in the department store of Thailand (Photo Credit: IamNaZza)

No matter how long time has passed, whitening skincare products are still popular in Thailand. This trend is also popular in many other Southeast Asian countries. There are many advertisements that you can see on television or billboards. Models in these advertisements normally have fair skin. Thai women wear sunscreen and try to avoid the sun as much as they can. So, sunscreen is like one of the must-have items for us. Apart from using sunscreen, most women have umbrellas to protect their skin when going outside. Some even wear the long sleeve shirts or cardigans even though the weather is quite hot.

Another hot product line in Thailand is no other than anti-aging products. They have become common among both male and female consumers in the past few years since Thailand has been moving closer to an aging society.

Moreover, natural and organic ingredients in beauty products are extremely popular in Thailand as a result of an increasing awareness and concern for health and wellness. Thai people are likely to choose what they consume with fewer chemicals that may irritate their skins. There are many brands selling products made from organic or natural ingredients.

LANEIGE in Thailand Photo by IamNaZza

LANEIGE in Thailand (Photo Credit: IamNaZza)

Since Korean dramas and K-pop have been gaining a lot of popularity in Thailand, Thai people are becoming more and more interested in Korean makeup and skincare brands. Many cosmetics manufacturers, such as Etude House, Sulwhasoo, LANEIGE, Innisfree, 3CE, Skinfood, The Face Shop, etc., are expanding foothold in Thailand. You can easily find Korean cosmetics products in Thailand, especially in the capital city, Bangkok. You can also buy them online and all the products will be delivered to your house. No need to go all the way to South Korea to buy them!

Watson Thailand Photo by IamNaZza

Watson Thailand (Photo Credit: IamNaZza)

Now, a popular shopping place for beauty and personal care products in Thailand is a multi-brand beauty store which sells various brands ranging from mass to high-end products. The most well-known multi-brand beauty store is called the ‘Watsons.’ Since its establishment in 1996, the Watsons currently has over 469 stores. Another store called ‘Boots’ was established in 2012 and the latest one called ‘Sephora’ was established in 2014.

As you can see, Thai beauty trends are somewhat familiar to other countries in Southeast Asia. We get influenced mostly by our own societies and other countries. So, it will take a while for them to go through massive changes.


By Natcha Poompradit, ASEAN Correspondent from Thailand