Hijab or Jilbab is now an indispensable requirement in the life of Muslim women in Indonesia. Hijab is the cover for private body parts that is required for Muslim women who have already baligh. Baligh is a term in Islamic law derived from Arabic language. Baligh indicates a person has reached maturity by having puberty and being able to distinguish good and bad.

Hijab, initially only used to cover the hair and private body parts from head to chest so that the model is very simple and less fashionable. The new model of Hijab has no longer just cover the private body parts, but as the means for Muslim women to look fashionable and not out of date.

The need for hijab as a mean of fashion is finally encourage many women in Indonesia to do revolution for hijab by creating various models of hijab in order to look more appropriate. It is ranging from simple style, style to the party, and various other variations. Here are some trends of hijab 2018 in Indonesia.


1. Hijab Organza

Source: hijabkeren.com

Photo Credit: hijabkeren.com

The use of Hijab Organza is popular these days. The material is shiny and stiff, making this hijab very attractive, because it is suitable for both office and party. This hijab gives the impression of formal, feminine and classy.

The disadvantages of Hijab Organza are the rigid nature of material which making it difficult to mold into various models and quite difficult to absorb sweat. In addition, this hijab must always be tidied, because it will be very visible when matted. This hijab is also very slippery, so it will be very difficult to wear without ciput. Ciput is a term used as an inner hijab which function is to cover the hair perfectly and hold the position of hijab.


2. Hijab with Feather Details

Source: decode.uai.ac.id

Photo Credit: decode.uai.ac.id

After the trend of Hijab Organza, now the trend is Hijab with Feather Details. Detail of short feathers is pinned on the hijab to add an attractive and more elegant impression. Hijab with Feather Details is not patterned and often applied with a rectangular style.

The use of this hijab is also quite easy. Simply folding the hijab into a triangle and use it like other hijab, then pin it under the chin, and tidy it.


3. Hijab Printed

Source: salonmuslimah.net

Photo Credit: salonmuslimah.net

A rectangular hijab is a hijab model which trend is always in demand from various times. In addition of being used with a very practical, this kind of hijab is easy for making a new shape of creation, and still able to give the impression of stylish. Armed with a fairly popular rectangular hijab, several designers began to develop printed hijab products.

This trend is increasingly popular with the number of artists who use this type of hijab, thus making many Muslim women also want to use it to look simple but elegant.

Hijab Printed is getting much in demand because of its color sharpness and varied motifs. In addition, it is also quite easy to obtain and fairly cheap. This hijab can also be used without ciput and not slippery.


4. Hijab Turkey

Source: fashionhijabstyles.com

Photo Credit: fashionhijabstyles.com

The trend of simple and elegant Muslim fashion, re-popular lately. Hijab Turkey is very often used to complement fashion clothing to display a simple but elegant impression. It has variety of models and sold at price that is quite diverse, there are cheap, and some are quite expensive.

Hijab Turkey is made in rectangular shape and uses several kinds of materials, namely silk and satin. It has diverse motifs and many colors. This hijab is very suitable combined with twisted scarf around neck and blazer for use at work.


By Pricilia Angela, ASEAN Correspondent from Indonesia