Summer days are getting hotter. How about watching Thai movies and forget about the heat? In Thailand, horror movies are very famous! There are lots of other interesting movies, too. Let’s find out more about some of the most interesting Thai movies!

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Shutter (2004)

Teun and his girlfriend hit someone and ran away at night. They were relieved because nobody has seen them. But later, a strange thing happens to them. Whenever they take a picture, there is a girl behind who looks blurred. The movie shows how and why it happens.

The movie well describes the social-culture background of 2004. In the beginning of 2000, digital camera and mobile phone with the camera function appeared. It makes this movie popular among the younger generation. Before the movie ‘Shutter’ was released, movies from Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea were famous and well-known. But after this movie was made, Thai movies have also become popular and ‘Shutter’ became the movie which made the most profit in 2004.


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Dear Galileo (2009)

It is a story of two Thai girls who go to Europe and show how they live there. One girl is suspended from her university and another girl broke up with her boyfriend. It motivates them to go to Europe, but they have to earn money for living by getting a job. Sometimes they argue with each other. This film shows how they overcome their difficulties and sustain their lives in Europe.

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Wai roon pun ran, The Billionaire (2011)

This movie is based on a true story about President of a food company that makes a seaweed snack. It shows how a young boy makes a small food selling store which becomes one of the biggest companies. It gives hope to younger generations so that they can make their own business successful!

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The Teacher’s Day (2014)

There is a school in an island without water and electricity. Two teachers arrive at different time. One teacher comes during the first semester and the other comes during the second semester. But they have one connection, which is a ‘diary.’ Through this, they communicate and miss one another. It is a romance movie which is based on two stories! One story is about a man who moves to a new company accidentally finds a diary in his cabinet. Through the story in the diary, he crushes and tries to find an owner of the diary and finally marries her. And another story is based on a school on water in the northern region of Thailand. This movie helps people who live in cities with smartphone, SNS, and internet to think about the period when they do not have any access to their phones or internet and also expedite the emotion of analogue.


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Chalard Games Goeng, Bad Genius (2017)

A genius girl helps her friends get a good score. Do you know how and why? First time, her best friend requests her to let her know the answer to a test in advance, but this one request gets bigger and bigger. The genius girl makes money through helping her friends to cheat the answers of the test. This movie became famous worldwide and was selected as the opening movie at the 2017 New York Asian Film Festival and nominated as the best movie. A main actress of the movie became a rising star of Asia. It also ranks top in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China and makes a syndrome on various social media channels!

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Nongpeetee, Brother of the Year (2018)

Chut and Jane are siblings, but their personalities are quite different. Jane is better than her brother Chut in many aspects. Chut overprotects her sister. However, a problem occurs when Jane falls in love with a guy. They want to get married and move to live in Japan. You will feel both family love and romance when you watch this movie!


By Kim Min Jung, ASEAN Correspondent from Thailand