When it comes to children literature, Vietnamese people cannot help thinking of Nguyen Nhat Anh, the best-selling author of all time. He has published hundreds of short stories, novels and lots of book series as well as poems since 1990s. Most of his writings are related to childhood, innocent friendship, happy school life and puppy love. Some of his excellent books such as “Kaleidoscope,” “Ticket to Childhood” were translated to different languages and were published in many foreign countries like Japan, England, the US, etc.  His books have always been received much love from readers of all ages.

Recently, his outstanding story “Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh” (English name: Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass) was adapted into movie. The movie soon became the top-grossing movie in the box office national wide at that time. Recently, this movie was screened at Canada’s Asean Festival and other famous film festivals in Switzerland, England, China, Japan.

Three main characters named Tuong, Man, Thieu (from the left to the right)

Three main characters named Tuong, Man, Thieu (from the left to the right)

Some scene cuts from the movie - Cre: Thanhniennews

Some scene cuts from the movie (Photo Credit: Thanhniennews)

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Do you wonder what is the movie about? The movie is about the childhood of the three main characters named Thieu, Tuong, Man living in a small coastal village in Vietnam around 1980s. Tuong and Thieu are brothers who have opposite characteristics. Thieu is the older one who is hot-tempered, vengeful but somehow timid inside. By contrast, Tuong, the younger one is innocent, kind,  cheerful and always loves his brother. Besides, Man is shy and reserved since she comes from a poor family. Tuong actually falls in love with Man. Therefore when seeing Tuong and Man often hanging out with each other, Thieu becomes jealous and have misunderstandings with his younger brother. He continuously gets Tuong into troubles.

The movie depicts not only the pure love but also the brotherhood, the relationship between the parents and child and neighborhood. In terms of filming, we can clearly see the beautiful scenery with clear sky, little streams, tiny flowers, majestic mountains and green rice paddle fields.

Cre: Thanhniennews

Photo Credit: Thanhniennews

If you want to know more about Vietnamese rustic countryside or just want to get a ticket back to the childhood,  I believe that this movie is the best choice.


Famous Vietnamese remakes of Korean Movies

Have you ever watched “Miss Granny” which was a very popular comedy movie in Korea in 2014? In Korean version, the grandmother named Na Moon Hee is in her 70s. When taking a picture in a photo studio, she is magically brought back to the time when she was in 20s. Though the Vietnamese remake “Em la ba noi cua anh” has a similar plot, there are still some differences. This movie also grabbed much attention and became one of the most viewed movies in the film industry.

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Photo Credit: HDBox

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Miss Granny turns back to her 20s Cre: Ellevn

Miss Granny turns back to her 20s (Photo Credit: Ellevn)

Another remarkable movie that hit the box offices in Vietnam is the Vietnamese remake of “Sunny.” Similar to Korean version, “Thang nam ruc ro” is about the middle-aged woman who tries to fulfill her friend’s wish before she dies. That is to reunite their group of friends in high school period.

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Photo Credit: Kenh14


It was said that the total sales of this movie was double the sales of the Vietnamese remake “Miss Granny.” The movie is fun, nostalgic and include many famous old Vietnamese songs. Despite having the same story, these two remakes have their own Vietnamese characteristics that everyone should watch at least one time.

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Photo Credit: ZingNews


Vietnamese film industry has improved day by day and hopefully in the future, Vietnamese movies can earn more recognition from the public.


By Ngoc Vo, ASEAN Correspondent from Vietnam