Opening ceremony of Harmoni Kebersamaan Korea-Indonesia Festival
Photo credit: Resty Armenia (taken at Balai Kartini, South Jakarta)

October can be regarded as a month of cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea. To be specific, this month 40 years ago, Indonesia and South Korea agreed to sign cooperation agreement. To celebrate this matter, the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in Indonesia organized an event titled “Harmoni Kebersamaan Korea-Indonesia Festival” (“harmony of togetherness Indonesia-Korea festival”). To go all out, this event lasted almost a full month, which is from 3 to 31 October 2014.

The festival was held in cooperation with the Korean Embassy to Indonesia, Korea Tourism Organization (KTP), and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (before turned into Ministry of Tourism).

There were wide variety of cultural events such as K-Food, K-Travel, art shows, exhibitions and film festivals enlivened the event. Not to mention, K-Animation and K-Book which also presented Pororo, Robocar Poly, exhibitions of Korean books and documentaries.

“This is a cultural event of Korea and Indonesia that strengthens the relationship between both countries,” said Korean Ambassador to Indonesia Cho Taiyoung at a press conference at Lotte Shopping Avenue, South Jakarta, Friday, 03 October 2014.


Performance of the winners of Indonesian Art Contest
Photo credit: Resty Armenia (taken at Balai Kartini, South Jakarta)

On the event’s opening ceremony, there was a non-verbal performance by ‘The Painter: Hero’ with the combination of their marvelous painting skill and delightful acting skill, as well as a playback of pictures and music, also performances of the winners of Indonesian Art Contest 2014, in Balai Kartini at 19:00 pm local time.

At the main stage of Lotte Shopping Avenue, Korean fusion ‘Queen’ showed off the beauty of Korean traditional music. The same stage was also home for few groups performing K-Pop cover dances. And on 8 to 31 October, KCC showcased ‘Media Art Exhibition’, the artwork of Korean letters, Hangul, in a modern fashion.

At the end of the month, KCC organized the Korea-Indonesia Film Festival in various cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Tangerang, Bekasi and Batam. Eleven Korean movies and four Indonesian movies were played during the week, from 23 to 28 October. Visitors could literally enjoy the movies for free. All they needed to do was queue and take the ticket on the nearest theater.

The 11 Korean films that were screened, namely: Confession (2014), Miss Granny (2014), Roaring Currents (2014), A Werewolf Boy (2012), No Tears for the Dead (2013), Mr. Go (2012), Secretly, Greatly (2013), Snowpiercer (2013), Pororo: The Racing Adventure (2013), The Spy (2013), and The Target (2014). In addition, there were four Indonesian films that screened, namely The Dancer, Habibie & Ainun, 5 cm, and 9 Summers 10 Autumn.

Blitzmegaplex was the home to screen these movies. There were five Blitzmegaplex theaters that hosted; Pacific Place Jakarta, Teras Kota Tangerang, Bekasi Cyber Park, Miko Mall Bandung, dan Kepri Mall Batam.


Korean Ambassador to Indonesia Cho Taiyoung, South Korean actor Lee Kwangsoo, and Indonesian actress Prisia Nasution on the opening ceremony of Korea Indonesia Film Festival
Photo credit: Resty Armenia (taken at Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta)

On October 23, South Korean actor and one of the personnel of famous variety show Running Man, Lee Kwangsoo, attended the opening ceremony of the festival in Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. He acted in one of the movies that played in the festival, Confession (2014). It was an opportunity for his fans to see that “giraffe” in person. He smiled and waved to his lucky fans a lot.

“This festival is a harmony of togetherness among the people of Indonesia and South Korea. We would like to introduce Indonesian culture to the Korean community here,” said the head of the Korean Cultural Centre, Rezky Seokgi Kim, at the press conference of the festival.


By Resty Armenia, ASEAN Correspondent from Indonesia