The year of 2017 saw abundant issues related to ASEAN on many occasions. The purpose of the ASEAN Talk Vol. 3 is to draw possible implications by analyzing how these issues were reported by the Korean media in 2017.

To this end, a ‘content analysis’ of 2,900 ASEAN-related articles in 14 major media outlets from January to December 2017 was conducted. Of these articles, 52% were categorized as political-security, 39% as economy, and 9% as socio-culture. Also, 21% of the total coverage was reported in November of that year, 20% in August, and 10% in May.

These results revealed that government-level approaches have mainly determined the quantity of ASEAN-related articles. In terms of the type of the articles, straight articles accounted for 71.4%, analytical articles 23%, columns 2.8%, interviews 1.4%, and feature stories 1.4%. The tone of the articles was mostly positive or neutral, while there were some articles with a negative tone in relation to human right issues in individual countries.

What these results suggest is that there is a room for the Korean media to shed more light onto the socio-cultural aspects of ASEAN and publish a greater number of in-depth stories to contribute towards building a more comprehensive and balanced perception of ASEAN among the Korean public. Furthermore, to support and complement the media’s role, the ASEAN-Korea Centre can play an important role by providing the media with quality content on ASEAN, collaborating on features stories on particular topics, and continuously bringing attention to ASEAN through various platforms and communication tools.

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