Everyone loves sports, aren’t they? This time I will introduce you the two most favorite sports in Vietnam which are football and swimming, as well as our country’s impressive sports accomplishment.

People always say that football is the king of sports. Yes, that is true not only for foreign countries like England, Germany, Spain or Italy but for every country in the world including Vietnam. A perfect example for this would be when Vietnam won the silver medal and became the second-best of Asian Football Confederation U-23 Championship (AFC Cup) in January, 2018. This is the first time that Vietnamese national football team has achieved such a high position in sports competition.

The team playing in the snow - Cre: Zing

The team playing in the snow (Photo Credit: Zing)

Because of the harsh weather of the heavy snowfall in Changzhou Olympic Sports Center, Vietnamese football players coming from the tropical nation went through tough time. However, with lots of effort, they still tried their hardest to have the outstanding match and deserved to be ranked second.

U-23 VN team under heavy snow - Cre: Zing

U-23 VN team under heavy snow (Photo Credit: Zing)

People celebrating after the match was over  -  Cre: Tuoitre

People celebrating after the match was over (Photo Credit: Tuoitre)

Meanwhile, Vietnamese people have a considerable passion for football. Feeling proud of the brave spirit and sportsmanship of the young footballer generation, millions of fans took to the street to celebrate the joy. In addition, thanks to the invaluable guide of the couch Park Hang Seo, the team could grasp the opportunity to go to the final match of the AFC U-23 Championship and set a new record for the footballing history of the country. Hopefully, this will help develop the relationship of Korea and Vietnam and bring two countries closer than ever before.

Couch Park Hang Seo and the team - Cre: Zing

Couch Park Hang Seo and the team (Photo Credit: Zing)

Korean President Moon Jae In visits the team - Cre: CAND

Korean President Moon Jae-in meets with the team (Photo Credit: CAND)

Besides, swimming is one of the most popular sports in Vietnam. People from all ages prefer it since it is good for health and also can reduce much stress, especially in summer time. As swimming is essential and fun, most of the schools here have introduced swimming into the curriculum and suggested it be the compulsory subject. Furthermore, when it comes to swimming, we cannot forget to mention the young girl named Nguyen Thi Anh Vien, who won eight gold medals and broke eight  records at the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. She also brought home a great number of gold, silver medals at many swimming competitions such as the Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts, etc. Therefore, she has been considered to be the best Vietnamese athlete in recent years.

Anh Vien won the gold medal - Cre: Soha

Anh Vien won the gold medal (Photo Credit: Soha)

Cre: Thanhniennews

(Photo Credit: Thanhniennews)

Though there is still a big gap in sports level between Vietnam and other countries, we can clearly see the effort and the rapid progression of sports in Vietnam.  And all of us believe that Vietnam will gain spectacular results in sports in the near future.


By Ngoc Vo, ASEAN Correspondent from Vietnam