East-meet-West formula: from beauty to market strategies

Beauty industries are gracefully flapping its newly installed wings to soar up into the bright sky; ASEAN Economic community is uncovering its new facet promoting the economic infrastructure leading to the global economic cycle. From the seeds sowed under the ground to the beauty cosmetics applied to skin, the beauty industries weave the story of the initiative processing in beauty products until they are marketed right in our hands. International and domestical beauty products have been renovated and had us experience the new dimension of beauty at “Beyond Beauty ASEAN” world exhibition, held at Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok, from 18-20 September, 2014. This year, specially, the “Beyond Beauty ASEAN” event in conjunction with the third edition of World Spa & Well-being Convention (WSWC), has inaugurated 4 key elements in beauty: Beauty & Cosmetics, Spa & Well-being, Herbal & Health, Hair & Nail.

#1 - Challenger hall façade of Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre

#1 – Challenger hall façade of Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre

Badged with honor to be the second largest exposition venue of Asia, covering over 140,000 square meters of the internal space, Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre is located in the utmost suburb of Bangkok, but still annually welcoming more than tens of million visitors to witness the luxury of its colossal halls and hundreds of ASEAN events hosted all year long. With facilitation of taxi and shuttle mini-bus services all over Bangkok and intra-fairground shuttle services, many foreign tourists mark the place as their very first tourism destination where they can shop, visit on business purpose, and keep themselves up-to-date to talk-of-the-town events in Thailand and in the world.

Roaming through beauty

When it comes to the beauty, humans’ brain function stereotypically relates it to “ladies”, but when it comes to the world beauty event, the definition of beauty goes far beyond the female gender; Not only ladies who would enjoy the key sections of Beauty & Cosmetics and Hair & Nail, but also gentlemen are received to explore the beauty spirit embedded in the deepest of their mind, to discover the true self of “Plaisir naturel”, which refers to the relaxation of Spa & Well-being and Herbal & Health sections.

#2 – Overall view of the event

#2 – Overall view of the event

Many international booths (from Italy, Turkey, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Latvia, The USA, Australia etc.) are aligned and decorated to best meet the theme of the event and their own slogan. Before entering the gateway, make sure you get yourself a visitor badge. Particularly designed to get along with the Spa and Well-being theme, your badge is given, according to your birth date, one of the four elements forming human body: water, fire, earth, and wind. Each of elements represents your own outstanding characteristics and personalities.

#3 – Visitor badge

#3 – Visitor badge

Exploration of beauty ASEAN world

#4 – Gateway of the exhibition hall

#4 – Gateway of the exhibition hall

Get your mind set and feel the fresh cold air in the Convention hall blowing off your mind. The perfumery odors all around are being absorbed through your sensational touch of the body. The first pavilion standing out to receive your first step of curiosity, is “Korea Pavilion”, vertically aligned in the heart of the Convention hall, exhibiting new innovative body products with the theme “bright like the Korean”

#5 – Korea Pavilion

#5 – Korea Pavilion

But it seems like “Tender and humble like Thai ladies” can never be skipped either. The demonstration of how to make a Thai herbal compress ball is telling a long story of traditional Thai remedy handed down from generation to generation

The diffusing aromatic odor from Thai herbs draws visitors to take a deep look and inhale the odorous herbs with relaxed bated breath.

Modernized with white-toned illumination, Natura Siberica from Russia flies up across countries to set up this classy booth, offering hair, nail, sauna and spa beauty products etc.

Uproarious interjections drown out your ears, when ladies see the colorful showcase decorated by respectively color-toned nail polish…Women love it!

#13 – Tranquil sit-and-drink corners creatively decorated by “Praileela”, “I Plus Q”, and “Pattrena”

#13 – Tranquil sit-and-drink corners creatively decorated by “Praileela”, “I Plus Q”, and “Pattrena”

Having been roaming about the giant hall, your two feet seem to witness the numbness, your back gets sore, and your neck becomes stiff; your wobbling balance like the toddler’s needs to be stabilized a while. Here you are offered “sit-and-drink corners” to give your nose a break from the allover fragrant air. Pump in the Oxygen and get to explore on!

Regional entrance to single market of beauty ASEAN industries

#14 – Spa and Well-being booth under the thematic Thai cultures

#14 – Spa and Well-being booth under the thematic Thai cultures

“Beyond Beauty ASEAN” privileges beauty industry actors and business operators in related fields to transfer optimism, expand business network, and implant the ASEAN and inter-continental economic infrastructure, based on many international organizations.

In order to resettle the ASEAN single market, the event has provided all the 4 key segments of beauty industries (Beauty & Cosmetics, Spa & Well-being, Herbal & Health, Hair & Nail), with approach strategies by strengthening intra-extra ASEAN trades targeting beauty business owners, youth and adult populations respectively. The memorable world exhibition aims to engage the readiness for ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 and to provide opportunities in doing business and beauty industries and to initiate a new facet of industrialized beauty products.

Heartthrob of truly internal beauty

When the beauty is materialized, it shapes the shiny platform of “Beyond Beauty ASEAN” event. Beyond Beauty ASEAN has spotted the brightest star of the world exhibition: “I Plus Q”, house of aromatherapy founded in 2000, specializes in Spa and Well-being product manufacturing. The products of I Plus Q are formulated with balance of Western holistic approach and Asian remedies under the East-meet-West theme.


#15 – I Plus Q pavilion

Awarded by Thailand Food and Drugs Association with ASEAN GMP under ASEAN Harmonized Cosmetic Regulatory Scheme of “Good manufacturing practices” standard (source: http://www.iplusq.com/about_2.php), exclusively for this event, I Plus Q meticulously created “Oriental Beauty Myth Collection” to respond to the Beyond Beauty ASEAN theme, by combining the signature ingredients of each oriental country in one body scrub collection.

#16 – Oriental Beauty Myth Collection

#16 – Oriental Beauty Myth Collection

K. Sarawut Daranut, the Sales and Marketing Director of I Plus Q, kindly clarified “What is Beyond Beauty ASEAN” for I Plus Q

Interview with S&M Director of IPLUSQ_(1) Interview with S&M Director of IPLUSQ_(2)

According to the interview, the combination of oriental signature ingredients in their products helps promote the integration of AEC and stands for the truly harmonious unified ASEAN and other nations correspondingly.

“Good seeds sprout in good ground” – The awareness of One Vision, One Identity, One Community is being increased, even the ASEAN beauty is challenging the goal of AEC. The good startup of ASEAN integration has been brilliantly ignited, but the good yields of the seeds are for you to carry on.

ASEAN-Korea Correspondent: Mr.Komsan Suwanpradit, Thailand

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