On September 20th 2014, our university which is Gadjah Mada University, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia had big event which is called Korean Culture Festival (KCF). The theme of KCF is music makes miracle because the aim is to show that music is universal and music can unite people from many different backgraounds for peace and solidarity. By bringing that theme, the event is not only presenting about Korea but also about local Indonesian culture. The event was prepared and hosted by students of Korean Language Diploma 3 Study Program, Vocational College, Gadjah Mada University (UGM). Well, actually this is the first time for KCF to be held. Annually there has been a big event called Korean Day in the past ten years in our university, so this KCF can be the little sister of Korean Day which will be held next January 2015 in a much bigger scale.

After preparing and practicing hard for couple of months, the committees were ready to start the show. For the KCF, some competitions were held such as Korean song singing competition and K-pop cover dance competition. The participants of the competition were asked to submit their video through YouTube and then finalist would be invited to the D-day for final battle. Professional judges were prepared to review and give comments on the participants’ performances.

In KCF, there were stands or booths prepared. People who sell things related to K-pop or Korea can rent the stand and sell something there. There are also special booths used by Korean Department students to promote the department like Korean traditional games booths, hanbok trying booth, Korean food booth, Korean traditional music booths, etc. Local people who have home industry can also rent the stand to promote and sell their products like batik (Indonesia’s traditional cloth) and traditional souvenirs.


The booth about samulnori and Indonesia’s traditional musical instrument (photos: KCF documentation)

Besides having the participants showing their talents, the event also invited some guest stars; one of them is the famous dancers from Jakarta. The group is famous for their EXO cover dance. They flew all the way from Jakarta to Jogjakarta just to give their best performance to the visitors of KCF. Local guest stars were also invited like university bands and traditional dance performance from many different departments in Gadjah Mada University.


Collaboration of samulnori and angklung (Indonesia’s traditional musical instrument) (photos: KCF documentation)

On the D-day, Korean Language Department also got a visit from Gangneung-Wonju National University (GWNU) Korea. It was a visit to promote the university and also to participate in KCF. Therefore, the morning during KCF, Korean language students were able to join the seminar hold by GWNU. On the next day, GWNU made a public lecture with the talk entitled the importance of creativity to survive in a challenging future. Both the seminar and public lecture were awesome and it was an honor for our department to receive such visit from GWNU. It was also a great chance for the students to do exchange program there because annually there are some students of our department studying there.


Foreigners also love to see Korean Culture Festival (photos: KCF documentation)

At 1 pm on the D-day of KCF, the gate was opened and many people rushed to enter the event area. Although the weather was really hot, more and more people kept coming. When the night got deeper, the area got really crowded and they really enjoyed themselves there. Not only UGM students came there but also high school and middle school students who are fans of Korea. The committee worked hard until midnight and after that they cleaned up the place. As their lecturer, I knew that they were very tired but they were extremely happy because they did very well on the job and it was a complete success. They gained millions of rupiah from the selling of entrance ticket, Korean food selling, and hanbok renting. I did enjoy KCF and I cannot wait for the next Korean Day on January 2015.



By Ummul Hasanah, ASEAN Conrrespondent from Indonesia