The countries of ASEAN are blessed with many different kinds of food. Thailand is not excepted. From the long time ago, because of tropical climate you can see the various of ingredient like fruit, vegetable and rice. The taste of Thai food are balanced well with sour, sweet, hot, salty. Also, when the name of food chages according to what ingredient is in dish. In Thailand, all unique food waits for you but you must eat foods.



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Photo Credit: Kim Min Jung

Kuitiew is kind of noodle food. Originally, this food came from Cambodia and China. It is also famous for Vietnamese noodle, but Thai-style Kuitiew has its own unique taste. It is made of meat and noodle with soup. You can put beef, pork, fishcake, and some vegetables. Also, you can select different kinds of noodle. If you like small, big, or curly noodle, you can choose to eat with your own taste. If you don’t want to eat with soup, you can try it with some sauce!



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Photo Credit: Kim Min Jung

Pad thai and Hoi tod is one of famous food in Thailand. If you are interested in Thai food, you have heard once. Pad thai is also kind of noodle food. It is made of noodle with sauce of fish , bean sprouts, chives(kind of vegetable). You can put seafood like shrimp ,squad, mussel . It will be taste better if you eat with lime (kind of fruit) It tastes likes sour so lime gets rid of fishy of sea food. Hoi tod is made of oyster and fried egg. You can eat with chilly sauce. It must be taste better.



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Photo Credit: Kim Min Jung

Som tam is salad with green papaya, garlic, lime , fish sauce and pepper. You can feel various kinds of taste like sour , sweet and hot. It usually can try with rice , grilled fish or meat. In 2011, Cnn which is famous American Tv show selected the “The World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods”.

The list of Thailand food is endless. There are many various kinds of food in Thai. Each region in Thailand have unique own food and taste. But if you try to visit in Thailand, you essentially try these 3 foods.

By Kim Min Jung, ASEAN Correspondent from Thailand