So, this program had finally come to an end and it feel like the time flies so fast. Obviously, one week in Ban Mae Kampong was not enough for me. There are a lot of things that I will never forget and it is one of the most memorable events in my life. I never thought that I will have this experience, which is being with new people or I can said as new family in the new place for a whole week. Frankly speaking, our team could blend well and we just like know each other for a long time ago since we are very enjoyed this program as a teammate.

Since this is my first time visiting Thailand, I am very impressed with this country that still preserving their own traditions and cultures. I was very lucky to visit and stay in Ban Mae Kampong which I never know this beautiful and unique place before this. Even though it located in isolated area, but this village was very beautiful, calm and still preserving their own cultures. I am very impressed with their royal project and their king’s initiative to create this village but still preserve the natures of Ban Mae Kampong. If people asked me what is the most memorable event in Chiang Mai, I will said that experiencing kissed and hugged by elephant was the best experience ever! Experiencing making tea leaves pillows, learning Lanna dance, Muaythai and others activities was a new experience for me too.
I believe that this program not only to share knowledge and experience but to create a relationship among us. When we look back at the program, we not just remember what we had learnt but also the feeling we created. I could learn about different people how they live in different lives and how lives in other countries are. It was great memories when I remember back how each of participants is truly fun when we are joking with each other’s during the breaks, talking about the foods, learning new language, singing and listening to music together. All of that, it creates atmosphere of warmness of a family and we need this positive vibes in life. And one more thing, each of participants plays the roles in changing the world and enhancing the community-based tourism. I must ask myself now what I can do. How can I help the world and how can I dedicate my life to enhancing this CBT? We need to work together to make this concept of community-based tourism comes true because when the world become together, the sky is no longer high.

By joining CBT, there are a lot of things that I can learn. I can learn how to communicate with people, how to improve my networking skills, how to create my confident level and the important thing is how I can adapt with new people and new place. It was a very great journey and experience to be one of the participants of this international program. The most important thing that I learn is I as a young generation must implement all of the new knowledge and skills that I know by joining this program. So what had I changed? It is good enough for me to only attend this participant to be a better me? Did I already give value to our world or at least to my country? All of this question will be answered if I do something and implement all of the skills that I have after this. By joining CBT, it makes me believe there are a lot of things that we could do to save our tourism industry and it is not only to invest our money but it needs our time and effort. ‘How are we solving any problem; starting with US.’

I want to express my gratitude to ASEAN-Korea Centre because give me this opportunity to join this program and I hope we can meet again in another future events. “Our culture, language, history and values are vital to uniting us a nation” – Bobby Jindal

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By ABDUL HALIM Muhammad Nurhakim, CBT Program participant from Malaysia