Baan Mae Kampong is a peaceful place to calm down from the busy town. It is located in Mae On sub-district. This village is a popular natural tourist attraction and also hosts an interesting Community Learning Center. Just an hour’s drive from the city, Mae Kampong village is abundant in natural resources; it has a stream running through it, and a tea-tree forest surrounding it.


Mae Kampong takes its name from the beautiful yellow and red kampong flowers that grow along the creek. Most people in this community cultivate tea, coffee and grow crops. Baan Mae Kampong is in fact the first model homestay in Thailand where tourists can stay overnight with residents in their homes, a fantastic opportunity to learn their lifestyles and culture, and participate with them in their daily activities. For example, on 4th of January the community guided us how to make tea leave pillow and join the Eco-trail at the village. Honestly, hat is the first time for me to see the coffee bean and tea leave. I was really impressed for this.

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Local lifestyles at a homestay

If you would like to get close to a traditionally rustic way of life, you could do much worse than finding yourself in Baan Mae Kampong. Sharing with a local family costs about 800 baht per person per night, including delicious meals and beverages. Visitors will have opportunity to collect tea leaves in the forest with their homestay family, learn the skills of a coffee plantation, and watch how locals make pillows from tea leaves.


I and my other two Korean friends were staying in Mrs. Janjira’s homestay. We call her Mae, standing for mum, as she is not only our homestay owner but also like our second mum. Every morning, we got up seeing our breakfast on the table. After having breakfast together, we helped her doing the washing. During our six days at the homestay, we had lots of good time with the family, and I do really miss them so much. Everyday, we helped them cooking and cleaning the homestay.



Mae Kampong Waterfall

Mae Kampong Waterfall is the origin of the creek that runs through the village. Some seven stores in height, it is situated at the far end of the village, and offers clear cold water and banks covered in ferns and moss – a very suitable spot for a picnic.

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Also, I remember our dam repairing and village cleaning at Mae Kompong waterfall with the other participants.


Chom Nok- Chom Mai Coffee shop

Just before you get to Mae Kampong waterfall, you’ll see this cafe which sells tea, coffee and bakery goodies. lt is located at a good vantage point to look down and take pictures of the beautiful panoramic landscape of Mae Kampong Village


Friendship and group work


  1. Group one members are awesome.
    Taehee, a beautiful and kind sister. She is really cute and helpful. In the presentation day, she did really well for the group.
  2. Jeonju, an outstanding friend. She did work really hard for the group.
  3. Hyungjoon, a handsome Korean friend who spoke English fluently and had lots of idea in the group.
  4. Albert, a handsome Burmese guy who are really talkative, but provided lots of opinion in every group discussion.
  5. Christopher, a sexy Philippine guy whose dancing got lots of impression from all of the participants, and villagers.

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Lanna dancing

In Samkampheng district, at the Traditional Culture Centre there are Lanna dancing and Lanna drum performance for all of us. I chose to learn Lanna dancing with a few of my friends and the other participants. It is quite difficult, yet we enjoyed it lots because the trainees are really friendly. After dancing class, we continued to hand on painting the umbrella. The activity ended up with joy and smile.

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By NIN Sophary, CBT Program participant from Cambodia