“To the world of ice and snow” – ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp made it possible for more than 30 student leaders of ASEAN Countries along with two Korean and Japanese to savor winter in Changchun and Harbin last December 21-27, 2017.


And indeed, we were CAPTIVATED with the wonders of the ice and snow. For most of our dear ASEAN friends, it is their first time to experience winter and for me to share this precious time of theirs with them is something really to be cherished.


Despite coming from different experiences, background, culture and race, we were able to unite ourselves and set aside our differences to achieve a HARMONIOUS relationship and INVIGORATING friendships were forged. We were able to interact well with each other and understood ways to help each other out.

I do also feel a deep sense of gratitude to everyone who opened their culture and share it to us to the Gala night. They were to share it to us and from those new cultures it will now be imprinted with us through our lives. These will sure bring back NOSTALGIC memories.


This camp surely enriched me in different ways. It made me APPRECIATE the wonders of culture more and made me look at diversity as a start of harmony. This is another evidence for me to say that learning never stops anywhere at any time.

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By race, we may be different but that doesn’t stop us to get along with others peacefully in this world full of differences without all the act of stereotypes and discrimination. More than that, we were able build a home with each other and find a family within.

This surely was a great experience for me to become aware of difference cultures of ASEAN.


By Sobit Baek, Korea