Who can’t resist the temptation of the smell of freshly brewed coffee, sweet aroma of baked breads and angelic voice of Ed Sheeran resonating nicely from the corner of a well-designed room? Who will refuse to stay longer when a place that blasts high speed wifi also offers the heavenly taste of prawn spaghetti and picolo latte?


Then add those situations with a variable of good companion from friends or colleagues. Trust me, for millenials it will be almost impossible to expect a more perfect way to enjoy their hangout time.


Good Vibes


The sight of young workers spending their Friday night and most of the weekends in exclusive coffee shops or snazzy restaurant is getting more familiar in Indonesian’s big cities. After tiresome hours and days at work, people seek sweet escapes from the deadly boring routine: go to the office early, loads of meetings and paperwork, home late, and sleep. As the number of middle class workers in Indonesia has been increasing significantly these past few years, it is not difficult to spot group of young professionals with their tailored suit and casual outfit crowd the place where they can savor the vibes of life’s modernity.


Besides sophisticated cafes and restaurants, many middle class professionals go to the malls to spend some quality times with their family and friends. In Jakarta, the weekend inside the mall is like: all restaurants are packed, factory outlets clogged with customers and line in the cinema’s ticket counters is unbelievably long. Grand Indonesia, one of the malls in Jakarta, has this kind of glitzy vibes that attracts people to come and enjoy its complete services. People can do almost anything, from strolling through the luxurious vendors and enjoying tasty dishes from hundred of different restaurants to buying groceries and fitting for wedding dress in their favorite designer boutique.


(View of restaurant and food court in Grand Indonesia. Photo by Evi B)

View of restaurant and food court in Grand Indonesia. Photo Credit: Evi B

Good Views


It is not a secret that Instagram has shifted the landscape of hangout-wise business. Beside good foods, people nowadays choose a place to hang out based on its visual outlook. They will gravitate towards the place which is Instagramable, a place that will look posh and pretty when they take picture and upload it into their Instagram and other media socials accounts.


In Makassar, one of the popular hangout spots is Kampung Popsa which is located near Losari beach. From inside the restaurant, people can see the panoramic view of the city port and some ships that are anchored near the dock. Popsa is so popular especially in the weekend when people flock to enjoy the eateries, live band and its magnificent view of the sea outside that many of the visitors often can’t secure seats.

(Inside Kampung Popsa, a popular hangout place in Makassar. Photo by Evi B)

Inside Kampung Popsa, a popular hangout place in Makassar. Photo Credit: Evi B

(A city port view from inside Popsa. Photo by Evi B)

A city port view from inside Popsa. Photo Credit: Evi B


Good Values


While places that provide good (and pricey) foods, glamour looks and amazing view may win the heart of young professionals in big cities, in other relatively growing cities a place that offer the values of community engagement has its own appeal. This kind of place attracts various customers, ranging from social activists to white collar officials. The growing interest in activism has spawned new concept and type of business lines. People decide to go to the a place not only because it offers decent services but also provide the sense of genial connection towards good deeds, in any way possible.


Waroeng Top Inspirasi is a restaurant that share the similar type of sentiment about social values. Located in Surakarta, this restaurant also act as a place for local communities to hold meetings and share things about activities, thought, hobbies and current social issues in the vicinity. In this restaurant people can witness a meeting being held by one community while at the same time, in another corner of the room a family is busy chatting and sipping their hot tea delightfully.

(A community meeting at Waroeng Top Inspirasi. Photo by Evi B)

A community meeting at Waroeng Top Inspirasi. Photo Credit: Evi B


( Blending in one room. Photo by Evi.B)

Blending in one room. Photo Credit: Evi B

By Evi Baiturohmah, ASEAN correspondent from Indonesia