“Vietnam has the right to be a free and independent country—and in fact it is so already. And thus the entire Vietnamese people are determined to mobilize all their physical and mental strength, to sacrifice their lives and property in order to safeguard their independence and liberty.” As a quotation from “Proclamation of Independence” by President Ho Chi Minh, those words are imprinted in any Vietnamese heart when it comes to National Independence Day September 2nd – the day Vietnam, as we all know today, was born.

Vietnam national flag on Independence Day Credit: Zing.vn

Vietnam national flag on Independence Day
Credit: Zing.vn


The successful August revolution in the country ended the slavery of the people under the rule of the French imperialists and the Japanese fascists. The feudal dynasty of the Nguyen dynasty collapsed completely. Sovereignty has returned to the people. Many difficulties are in the forefront: the devastating war, the economic exhaustion, the devastating consequences of the famine of 2 million people dying in the first year of the drought, the threat of floods in the Northern Delta and recaptured French colonialists in the South. In this complex and challenging situation, the Party and President Ho Chi Minh concentrated on solving the basic problem of the revolution that established the people’s government in the whole country.

Ba Dinh Square on September 2nd 1945 Credit: Philippe Devillers

Ba Dinh Square on September 2nd 1945
Credit: Philippe Devillers

After Hanoi and many places gained victories from revolutions, on August 25th, President Ho Chi Minh come back to the suburbs of Hanoi from the war zone. The following afternoon, the Central welcomed him back to the second floor at No. 48 Hang Ngang street to direct the movement. He presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee on domestic and foreign affairs, deciding the urgency of organizing the launching of the Provisional Government. As assigned by the Standing Committee, he drafted the “Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam”. On the dining table of the sunlit vestibule, President Ho Chi Minh wrote a timeless and eternal historical document engraved on the glorious history of Vietnam.

From the early morning on September 2nd, tens of thousands of people with banners, blooming flowers, red clothes focused on Ba Dinh Square. A simple wooden staircase was erected between Quang Do and Ba Dinh; armed self-defense teams and units of the Liberation Army were wearing hats, military uniforms, ranks straight in front of the station; more than 50,000 people representing all classes of people showed their excited faces awaiting the birth of the new regime – the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. At the same time, many large rallies were held in Hue, Saigon and many other cities. Millions of hearts look towards Hanoi and wait for the solemn moment.

President Ho Chi Minh Credit: kul.vn

President Ho Chi Minh
Credit: kul.vn

At exactly 14 o’clock, President Ho Chi Minh and other members of the Provisional Government came out on stage. The music was of the heroic gala. All eyes were on the red flag. Gold stars slowly pulled up. Tens of thousands of hands clenched to the ears, expressing determination and iron will, greeting the glory flag of the country. President Ho Chi Minh read the Proclamation of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, officially claiming the independence and sovereignty of Vietnam from France and Japan.


A street corner of Hanoi colored with lively red backgrounds and jovial yellow stars of Vietnam national flags. Credit: BaoKim.vn

A street corner of Hanoi colored with lively red backgrounds and jovial yellow stars of Vietnam national flags.
Credit: BaoKim.vn

Since then September 2nd, 1945 has been considered as a significant landmark marking the birth of Vietnam. As a major milestone for the whole nation, it is considered as a public holiday. Hence, Vietnamese has a day-off from work to commemorate the event.

On this day, Vietnam flags can be found everywhere, lightening up the whole street with the cheerful spirit. Fireworks and parade can also be found in the major cities of Vietnam. It is the time Vietnamese from all generations come together and have a look back to appreciate as well as pay respect to what their ancestors have done.



By NGUYEN Thu Thao, ASEAN Correspondent from Vietnam