“Startup”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Business Idea”,… are hot keywords that Vietnamese young people have been searching for in recent years. Many graduates, instead of working as employees, want to do business themselves with little capital or even start a business from zero. Entrepreneurship trends of Vietnamese youth are different each year and below are the top 5 business ideas in 2017.



Foreign companies have increasingly poured investment in Vietnam, leading to higher demand in English proficiency. Job opportunities increase, but the demand for foreign languages is also higher. Conscious of this, parents want to give their children exposure to English. For young Vietnamese people who have a strong background in English, love kids, and have a little bit of artistic talent and craftsmanship, opening an English Center for Kids stands out as a great choice.

Compared to English for adults, English for children does not require a high level of English level to teach. Because the level of English spoken by a kindergarten is only in the vocabulary and simple sentences. While the tuition fee for each child is quite high, you can be assured of income.



The concern for food safety and food security has become an alarming issue recently in Vietnam. As a result, people actively seek for themselves a source of cleaner food including vegetables.

To produce organic vegetables with guaranteed quality, you do not have to invest too much capital. It is important that you find out yourself the process of producing clean vegetables and look for a source to export or open your own store for sale.

Organic Vegetables Farm Source: suno.vn

Organic Vegetables Farm
Source: suno.vn


Not only the food, the toys produced from toxic materials have also been rampant in the Vietnamese market. Parents, of course, are not comfortable with their children playing these toys. They like to find toys that are both entertaining and educational, such as Board Game, Lego – all of which are made from safe materials. Because of the higher living standard in Vietnam and the concern for children health, the price for those high-quality toys is not a problem for parents. If you intend to trade children’s toys you should look for sources of genuine goods.



Mini plants are popular among startups in Vietnam. Lack of space is one of the reasons why people who love trees come to bonsai and mini bonsai. With just a few dollars, people can buy their own beautiful plant plots which are easy to take care of and have a variety of species.

Popular products on the market today are usually cactus, lotus, and azaleas. If you love plants you can try this business idea, but equip yourself little knowledge of bonsai before starting business.

Mini Plants Source: suno.vn

Mini Plants
Source: suno.vn


Dogs, cats, birds, mice have become a part of Vietnamese life. These pets are cared for as part of the family. Dogs wearing hats, cat hats, bed rats are not strange things in today’s society anymore. Pet accessories are becoming increasingly popular and are sought after by many, especially animal lovers.

The market for accessories for pets is also very diverse from bath gel, dresses, shoes, hats to glasses. As with other trades, pet accessories business also requires you to have knowledge about pets and how to care for pets. Also before deciding to trade this item, you should find out what items are popular to choose the right product business.






By Nguyen Thu Thao, ASEAN Correspondent from Vietnam