ASEAN, composed of 10 member states, is one of the most diverse, fast-moving, and competition regions in the world. (McKinsey&Company)

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With the establishment of ASEAN Community, ASEAN starts to reach out from what the Founding Fathers had envisioned. Many people believe that ASEAN plays an important role to the world economic power. Most literature, publication and news are stating that speculation on ASEAN. Hence, only few people know the origin of ASEAN people itself.

As shown in ASEAN Checklist Youtube channel, a weekly television program discussing the readiness of ASEAN Community, it delivers some information regarding the origins of ASEAN countries. Prof. Charles Higham, an expert archeologist stated that ASEAN countries was first occupied by Astralomelanesian, a racial classification of indigenous people. They hunt and gathered in one ASEAN country and another since 50,000-60,000 years ago.

Then, Indian people started to come to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries in 350 BC. They did not come with an empty hand, but they brought Hinduism to Southeast Asia. With that, other racial descendants were also coming. It is crystal clear that ASEAN people has the same DNA. It is just they are covered with different clothes, languages, and cultures from one country to another. And ASEAN brought them back together in a beauty community of diversity.

ASEAN is a community of opportunity.
ASEAN is a community of caring and sharing people.
ASEAN is a community that seeks peace and security for its people.
ASEAN is a community that provides a livelihood and prosperity for all of us.
ASEAN is a community with a sense of belonging and identity.
ASEAN is committed in expanding education, promoting human resources development, preserving ASEAN culture, and promoting increased tourism, mobility, and welfare.

Through its strong community, ASEAN is becoming the third largest workforce and will have 650 million people living in the region in which half of them is under the age of 30 by 2020. Ultimately, ASEAN will become the fourth largest economy by 2050.


By Gina Ginarti Caslimaya, ASEAN Correspondent from Indonesia