The ASEAN-Korea Centre, in collaboration with the ASEAN Youth Network in Korea, invites students to join the 2017 ASEAN Quiz on 27 May 2017 (Saturday), at 1:30 pm, at the ASEAN Hall of the ASEAN-Korea Centre. The ASEAN Quiz aims to promote the awareness of ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea relations among the youth of ASEAN and Korea.

A. Team Composition: 2 members per team

B. Eligibility: Members must be ASEAN or Korean nationals

C. Quiz Coverage: ASEAN Socio-Cultural Pillar and ASEAN-Korea relations

D. Mechanics:

1. Rounds: The ASEAN Quiz is composed of 4 rounds.

2. Questions: Each round is composed of 10 questions

3. Guidelines:

Level of Difficulty Allotted Time for each Question Point per Question Elimination Type
Round 1 Easy 5 Seconds 1 Team(s) with the lowest score will be eliminated
Round 2 Moderate 7 Seconds 2 Same as above
Round 3 Hard 10 Seconds 3 Same as above
Round 4 Advanced 15 Seconds 5 Team(s) with the highest score will be declared as the winner

4. A clincher round will be held in case of a tie.

E. Prizes:

1. 1st Place: 500,000

2. 2nd Place: 300,000

3. 3rd Place: 200,000

4. All participants: Certificates and Souvenirs

F. Registration

Those who are interested to join may register at: until 10 May 2017.

G. Program Schedule

Time Details
13:00-13:30   Registration of participants
Video Showing: Visit ASEAN@50, Amazing ASEAN and Rediscover ASEAN
13:30-13:35   Opening
Explanation of Mechanics
13:35-14:05   Round 1
Score Calculation
14:05-14:35   Round 2
Score Calculation
14:35-15:05   Round 3
Score Calculation
15:05-15:20   Round 4
Score Calculation
15:20-15:30   Awarding of Winners
15:30-16:30   Reception and Networking


For inquiries, please contact:

ASEAN-Korea Centre:

● Ms. Monica DULOS, Program Officer

Tel: +82-2-2287-1148