The ASEAN-Korea Centre invites ASEAN students to attend the 1st ASEAN Youth Night 2017: ASEAN Youth Career Mentorship Program on 25 March 2017, 4 pm, at the ASEAN Hall of the Centre. Organized in collaboration with the ASEAN-Korea Network in Korea, the Mentorship Program aims to assist ASEAN Youth in Korea in starting or pursuing a career in Korea through mentoring sessions.



● Program Title: ASEAN Youth Career Mentorship Program

● Date: 25 March 2017 (Saturday)

● Time: 4 pm

● Venue: ASEAN Hall of the ASEAN-Korea Centre

● Participants: 60-80 university students

● Cooperating Partners: ASEAN Youth Network in Korea

● Contact: +82-2-2287-1148

● Registration:

Please take note that this event is not a job fair.



16:00-16:05 Opening
16:05-16:45 Session 1: Basics of Job Application in Korea
While the general job application process in Korea is similar with that in ASEAN, there is a stark difference with regards to document and interview formats. To increase the chances of landing a career at a Korean company, it is imperative to understand the points needed to effectively write a Korean CV/resume and cover letter and answer the questions during interviews.
• How to write an effective Korean CV/resume and cover letter?
• What are the do’s and don’ts when writing an application?
• How to answer interview questions?

1. Ms. Marilyn Manalaysay, Filipino, Global HR Assistant Manager, GS Engineering and Construction

16:45-17:00 Q&A
17:00-17:10 Coffee Break
17:10-17:55 Session 2: Success Stories
The second session will provide a platform for sharing of success stories of ASEAN students who have finished their education and started their career in Korea. Learning from the challenges as well as motivations of the ASEAN Alumni could help improve the skills and means of dealing with work.
• What were the challenges you faced when you were still looking for a job?
• How did you find your job?
• How did you prepare for your application and interview?
• What are the do’s and don’ts in looking for a job based on your experience?

1. Ms. Eu Si Ying, Singaporean, former student at Ewha Womans University, Marketing and Business Development, SevenKicks

17:55-18:10 Q&A
18:10-20:00 Networking Dinner