One of the pleasures of travelING is enjoying the local cuisine, such as beverages. Ice dessert beverages might be an option to cool down your day in Indonesia endless summer tropical weather. Indonesia has numerous culinary options of colorful and tasteful ice beverages which can relief your thirst.


Es Teler

Es Teler is a fruit cocktail made from the combination of ice, fruit and milk. In English, Es Teler is translated as ‘Drunk Ice’. Alcohol is not included when making Es Telerr, but I believe the taste of the yummy Es Teler will make you ‘drunk’ to crave for more. Most Westerners may think that Es Teler is a cold dessert but Indonesians usually categorize it as a beverage. The basic Es teller ingredient mainly uses avocado, jackfruit, young coconut flesh, Pandan leaves, sugar, and salt. Currently there have been many additions such as toddy palm (siwalan), attap fruit (kolang-kaling), agar-agar noodle, nata de coco, and durian pulp. Samijem Darmo Wijono a Javanese lady from Sukoharjo, Central Java is the founder of Es Telleri in 1957.


Es Oyen

Not many people in Indonesia know Es Oyen. Usually only people who live nearby Bandung city is familiar with this drink, although nowadays you can find it in many places in Jakarta. Es Oyen is a variation of popular beverages in Bandung, the capital city of West Java. The major ingredient is ice and pacar cina. Pacar cina is colorful grained food made from sago flour usually mixed with hot beverages, sugar, and coconut milk. Other ingredients are young coconut, avocado, jackfruit, and slightly sweet and gelatinous ingredients like black grass jelly and pearls. Sometimes people add syrup to have more flavor and aroma. Sweetened condensed milk is one of the ingredients which is mixed to add fresh taste after the entire ingredients are mixed. The word Oyen is believed to be named after the first person who invented and sold this beverage.


Es Campur

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It is literally translated as ‘mixed ice.’ Es Campur is made of mixed syrup in the midst of kolang-kaling (sugar palm fruit), cendol or dawet (cornstarch-based doughy droplets), avocado, jackfruit, pineapple, bread chunks, and grass jelly. By tasting Es Campur, you have the chance to taste three kinds of jelly at the same time. First is the dark green jelly cubes from the cing-cau leaf. Second is sekotang which are little pink balls made of tapioca flour. Third is the cengakeleng which is made of coconut.


Es Doger

The main ingredient of Es Doger is coconut milk. It is served with ice in pinkish color. The pinkish color comes from cocopandan syrup, rozen (rose) syrup, or pink food coloring. It is a specialty of Bandung, West Java. Its ingredients include pacar cina merah delima (red tapioca pearls), avocado, cassava tapai, ketan hitam (black glutinous rice), jackfruit, diced bread and condensed milk. The condensed milk can be plain (white), or chocolate flavored. Nowadays Es Doger is often served as one of the drinks menu for celebration events such as marriage party and so on.


Es Selendang Mayang

Es Selendang Mayang is a beverage originally from Jakarta. Nowadays Es Selendang Mayang is uncommon and not famous among the Jakarta citizens since it is already considered as an ancient beverage. If you want to hunt for Es Selendang Mayang in Jakarta, you can visit Kota Tua, Ragunan or Kemayoran. In certain formal feasts, this beverage is sometimes served and labeled as Betawi ancient drink. Es Selendang Mayang liquid is made of coconut milk, pandan leaves, brown sugar while the colorful cake batter is made of bleak gelatin, usually in red or green color combined with white.


Es Cendol

Cendol is initially from the island of Java.  Es Cendol is also known as Es Dawet. Cendol itself is actually the name of one of the ingredients which consists of a combination of rice flour and sago flour. The green color of Cendol comes from either Suji leaves Pandan leaves. In many tourism destinations in Java Island, you can find many Es Cendol street sellers. Not only the taste, you can also take pleasure in watch the way the sellers serve this drink. First of all, the seller will pour a fluid of palm sugar in a glass or bowl. Next, the seller will pour a scoop of Cendol. Finally, the seller will pour in the coconut milk and add ice cubes. Jackfruit is one of the optional ingredients in making Es Cendol. Sometimes it is cut into tiny pieces but jackfruit is only use as an aroma mixed in the palm sugar liquid. The taste of Es Cendol is a combination of sweet from the palm sugar and savory from the coconut milk


Es Pisang Ijo

Es Pisang Ijo originated from Makasar, South Sulawesi. Es Pisang Ijo is translated in English as Green Banana Ice. As the name implies, Es Pisang Ijo uses banana as the main ingredient. The banana used for Es Pisang Ijo is ordinary yellow banana. The word greed comes from the green flour dough.

The green flour dough made from water, and green dye (Suji leaves or Pandan leaves). Es Pisang Ijo that uses Pandan leaves will have much fragrant scent compare to Suji leaves. The procedure of making Es Pisang Ijo is quite simple. After the bananas are being wrapped in green flour dough, the next step is steaming the bananas. When it is already cooked, the bananas are ready to be served. Just add some ice and pour the coconut milk sauce along with the DHT syrup DHT syrup is the typical red colored syrup from Makassar.





By Anggi Nurqonita, ASEAN Correspondent from Indonesia