“Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera” (Peace be upon you and pleased to meet you).



The ASEAN-Korea Centre had organized the annual ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop that was held in August 2016. The Korea Program was held on 1-4 August 2016 primarily in Busan and Seoul with the theme; Marine Conservation – Promoting the Sustainable Use of Coastal and Marine Resources.



Arrival in Busan

We, the Brunei delegates, were the first ones to arrive at Gimhae International Airport and welcomed warmly by Miss. Monica Dulos. Later on, delegates from other ASEAN countries arrived one by one and we had the time to introduce ourselves and established precious network.

“I was blessed with the opportunity to meet fellow youths from Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam for the first time in my life through this workshop and able to create such genuine friendship with all fellow ASEAN delegates”


Busan University of Foreign Studies

The delegates were moved to Busan University of Foreign Studies by bus and later told to check in into the university dormitory. Here is the interesting part, delegates were given each a Korean roommate for the next three days. This is a good way for the delegates to culturally exchange information between their respective countries with South Korea.


“Since I don’t know (yet) the participants that are joining the workshop and since it is a foreign environment for me, my roommate helped me easier to adapt. Further along the workshop, I get to know a lot of amazing Koreans and ASEAN youth. Since then, I was in for an exciting thrill ride.”


Site visit review

On 2nd August 2016, the delegates visited Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve. The delegates undergo a trail through beautiful scenery of wetland and blazing summer heat. On other note, though it was a tiring hike to the observatory (about 90m hike), it was worth it to see the beautiful view of wetland from a higher level. On 3rd August 2016, the delegates visited Korea National Maritime Museum, KOEM Marine Environment & KIOST South Sea Research Institute. The delegates learned a lot on how South Korea implemented processes and sophisticated methodology in order to conserve the marine ecosystem,


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ASEAN talent show

The show was held to showcase the variety of culture residing the region of ASEAN. They showcased their respective culture through means of singing, dancing and storytelling.


“I was quite surprised that our humble performance received a huge applause from such multicultural audiences. It made me proud that people were celebrating my own country’s culture alongside with me. It was also nice to see other cultural performance from other ASEAN countries. Everyone look so beautiful in their own national costume and look so cute when doing their performances.”


Ice-breaking & UCC making activities

In this session, the participants were divided into 12 groups with 5-7 members each groups. For the ice breaking, we were asked to create group name and carried out games to break the wall between the participants. The participants were also asked to make a video with a maximum duration of 2 minutes on the theme of “Marine Conservation”.


Closing ceremony

On 4th August 2016, closing ceremony was held in ASEAN-Korea Centre in Seoul. The closing ceremony consisted of showing the UCC/Video that was made, speeches were given from student representative from both South Korea and ASEAN, award giving ceremony to best performance and top 3 UCC video. Altogether, it was an exciting and overwhelming experience in joining this workshop and were grateful for the opportunity to able establish network with amazing ASEAN+3 Youths.

“I am blessed to live with my fellow friends that I had known recently in the workshop under the same sky called ASEAN!”


Akmal Fauzan, Brunei Darussalam, 2016 ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop Participant