Singapore is still a fairly young nation and we do not have traditional local music that is unique to our country. Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia have their own traditional instruments and type of music and Korea too has traditional forms of music such as samulnori. Even though we do not have traditional instruments or music, there were still people that were making music in Singapore. Even so, in the past, local singers and musicians do not gain much following in the local market, often overshadowed by international musicians. However things have changed for the better over the years.

In recent years, local music in Singapore has gained momentum and a following in Singapore and even to other countries as well. Local musicians are gaining more recognition and support from local fans over the years. In this blog entry, I want to introduce readers to some of the local bands and musicians in Singapore and maybe you too will take a liking to their music.


The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows is a Singapore indie pop band that was formed in 2012. In recent years, they have garnered a lot of popularity among local and regional audiences. They have even played in international shows such as in North America, Australia and even Korea. This year, they released their solo album ‘Take Heart’ which is very well received by listeners.


Gentle Bones

Gentle bones is a stage name for Joel Tan, who is a singer-songwriter. He has played at various music festivals around Singapore and has a self-titled debut EP. His tunes are regularly played on local radio stations nowadays.


Charlie Lim

Charlie Lim is also a local singer-songwriter and has played at multiple music festivals in Singapore and around the region. His songs are very soulful and very deeply moving, and indeed a very rare talent in Singapore.

It is heartening to see that young people in Singapore are willing to take that step of faith to do music as a career, even though sometimes in as Asian society, the older generation will tell you that making music your full-time career will not earn you enough money. And as a Singaporean, it is very heartening to see that Singaporean musicians are garnering fame even beyond our shores in neighbouring countries.

In your country, is there local music that people listen to? Do share with us any local music worth listening to in your country!


By Tan LiJia Gloria, ASEAN Correspondent from Singapore