Culinary has always been one of the main attractions for people to come and visit a place. But what’s better than an open-air food market with a good ambience where you can sit and hang out with your family and friends in a street filled with various foods and drinks?

In other countries, these kind of markets have been standing for a long time, providing a communal space where people come to hunt various foods, hang out to truly experience the culinary culture of a destination. But in Indonesia, these kind of markets just recently emerged and became one of the trendiest place for youngsters to come and play.


Besides being famous for its natural attractions, Bandung- a city in West Java- is also known for its culinary spots. Do you want to know various culinary places that you must visit in Bandung during your holiday? Check out some of the open-air food markets below:

1. Paskal Food Market

Located in Jalan Pasir Kaliki, Paskal Food Market hosts more than 100 tenants serving delicious local dishes and snacks to food from other Indonesian regions as well as international food such as Japanese bento and Korean dishes! With more than 1,000 dishes offered, Paskal Food Market can be called as the biggest street food center in Bandung. The area is spacious to fit up to 4,000 customers and you can choose to sit either at open-air tables or dine in saungs (hut-like traditional houses).

So many kiosks to choose from!Photo credit:

So many kiosks to choose from!
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Paskal Food Market takes these street food vendors into a cozy place so people don’t have to worry about eating at the usual sidewalk (which is polluted) and being disturbed with the noisy car/motor engines. Here, people can eat peacefully with to the sound of music from the speaker or the live music bands during weekends!

The interiors are also very nice and cozy. Beautiful lights, wooden chairs, and even a wishing fountain! One of the market’s main photo-spot is the “Fountain of Hope and Luck” with a statue of a man standing next to a fountain filled with koi fishes.


2. Sudirman Street Day and Night Market

Sudirman Street is also one of the current popular place to hang out and eat in Bandung, west Java. There are two opposite gates to enter the market: South Gate (Jl. Cibadak No.114) or the North Gate (Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.107). The street is clean and spacious with no cars passing by. It’s the perfect place for youngsters to hang out and enjoy the night!

When you first enter the area, you will see many eye-catching murals on the wall that surely attract visitors to stop and take selfies with them to post on social media. Nicely-decorated food stalls are located on each side of the alley while the tables and chairs are placed in the middle of the alley for the dining area. A transparent tarpaulin is set above the stalls and the dining area so your dining time will not be disturbed by rain!

A cozy place to hang out! Photo credit:

A cozy place to hang out!
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3. Floating Market Lembang, Bandung

A market that floats? Yep! If all this time Bangkok is famous for its floating market, now Bandung also creates a unique floating market on its own! Mixing three main elements which are learning area, playing area and culinary, Floating Market Lembang Bandung quickly grabs the attention of local people and even international tourists!

For the learning area, Floating Market creates a “Swan Park” and a “Rabbit Park” for children to learn about animals. Children can feed the animals and pet them as the animals are let freely inside the park! There are also “Kampung Leuit”, a tradiitonal village with a hamper of rice fields, fruit farms, organic vegetables and a strawberry farm. Children can learn about various fruits and vegetables, and end it by picking up strawberries. What a fun way to learn!

For the playing area, you can play the exciting Flying Fox, ride an ATV, or rent a boat to look around the beautiful Siti Umar lake.

The culinary part, is the most interesting part! Almost all the food stalls are on boats, floating on the water! A lot of delicious local food can be found there such as Siomay, Seblak, Mini Martabaks, Baked Durians, Sate, and grilled fish. Floating Market applies a cashless system for transaction, which means you have to exchange money with tokens. These tokens are used to buy food and drinks inside the Floating Market area.

So if you are happening to visit Indonesia, don’t forget to stop by Bandung to pamper your taste buds! You will be amazed with what Bandung has to offer.


By Ivana Monica Bing Sarah, ASEAN Correspondent from Indonesia