The ASEAN-Korea Centre will be organizing the ‘ASEAN-Korea Youth Taekwondo Cultural Exchange Camp’ in cooperation with the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation. We would like to request for your participation as a volunteer in the following program:


Date: 25-31 January 2016

Venue: Muju (Taekwondowon) and Seoul, Republic of Korea

Participants: 60 ASEAN Youth (13-18 years old) and 10 Korean Youth (16-18 years old)

Volunteers: 10 ASEAN students in Korea


Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Serve as a Team Leader for students

2. Participate actively in all activities

3. Provide Operational Assistance

4. (Optional) Contribute in promoting the Program

e.g. Create a video/article/blog materials based on your experience of the Program


Note: Transportation, meals and accommodation will be provided by the Centre.

A Certificate of Participation will be given to selected candidates.


How to Apply:

Online Application:

*Application Period will run from December 28, 2015 – January 13, 2016.

*Announcement of results will be on January 18, 2016.

*Orientation of the selected candidates will be held on January 20, 2016.







Concept Note


1. Background

● Taekwondo possess a culture which focuses on physical self defense and provides participants a sense of fellowship by completing the workshop/trainings together. Taekwondo training programs can effectively contribute in bringing together the youth of ASEAN and Korea, helping them build character and understand the importance of cooperation.

● Taekwondo training programs will provide a good opportunity for participants of ASEAN and Korea to be part of a global network, through the online community platform of the Taekwondo programs, to foster and sustain a long-term relationship with each other.

2. Objectives

● To further enhance genuine friendship and strengthen networks among the youth of ASEAN and Korea through cultural exchange and Taekwondo programs

● To raise awareness on the relationship of ASEAN and Korea for the youth of ASEAN and Korea

3. Outline of the Program

● Date: 25 – 31 January 2016

● Venue: Muju(Taekwondowon) and Seoul, Republic of Korea

● Participants: 80 Korean and ASEAN youth  *

1) ASEAN-based students: 60 persons (Youths who are 13~18 years of age from 10 ASEAN member nations)

2) Korea-based students: 20 persons (10 Korean youths who are 16~18 years of age in High School, 10 ASEAN university students residing in Korea)

● Activities: Taekwondo Workshop, Special Lectures, ASEAN Fashion Show, Site-visit to ASEAN-Korea Centre and MBC World etc.

● Organizer: Taekwondo Promotion Foundation

● Co-operator: ASEAN-Korea Centre

● Sponsor: ASEAN-ROK Future Oriented Cooperation Project Fund

● Language: English



Programs Contents & Schedule (Tentative)


Date / Time Details Venue
25 Jan
(Day 1)
00:00~18:00 – Arrive at Incheon Int Airport (Move to Taekwondowon) Taekwondowon Muju, Korea
20:00 – Admission Ceremony and Event Orientation (Introduction of Event)

26 Jan
(Day 2)

09:00~18:00 – Taekwondowon Programs①②
(Tour of Taekwondowon, Basic postures of taekwondo)
18:00~20:00 – Welcome Dinner

27 Jan
(Day 3)

09:00~16:00 – Taekwondowon Programs③④
(Taekwondo Etiquette, Experience Center Yap!)
16:30~17:30 – Special Lecture – ASEAN Nations Ambassador to Korea
(Topic : Future of adolescents exchange in ASEAN-KOREA)
19:00~21:00 – Movie Screening

28 Jan
(Day 4)

09:00~16:00 – Taekwondowon Programs⑤⑥
(Together Taekwondo, Community Games)
16:30~17:30 – Introduce to Culture of ASEAN-KOREA / Presentation
19:00~21:00 – Practice of Cultural Exchange Event

29 Jan
(Day 5)

09:00~16:00 – Muju Resort Ski experience
16:00~21:00 – View Taekwondo Demonstration & Culture Exchange Event
(K-tiger, ASEAN Music and Fashion Show etc.)

30 Jan
(Day 6)

08:00~11:30 – Move to Seoul Seoul, Korea
12:00~13:00 – Site-visit of ASEAN-Korea Centre
– Closing Ceremony (Screen Highlights Movie, Award, Photo)
13:00~14:00 – Closing Reception (Hosted by AKC) (Gwanghwamun Seven Springs)
15:00~17:00 – Site-visit of MBC World (Hallyu Theme Park)
18:00~19:00 – Namsan Tower (Observatory)
19:00~20:00 – Dinner
20:00~21:00 – Free time (Shopping in Myeongdong)
21:30 – Hotel check-in (Hyundai Residence)

31 Jan
(Day 7)

08:00~15:00 – Hotel check-out and departure