In modern life, the needs of working indoor office or studying inside the classroom create an inactive lifestyle for people, especially the people in young generation. With the aims to inspire young people to participate in an active lifestyle; as well as raise the awareness about community among people in a fun, sporty and unique way; the series of Color Me Run 2015 has been successfully organized in Vietnam. Let’s dive in excitement with the first time ever Hanoi Color Me Run 2015, which took place just a few days ago.

Participants took pictures in the eventPhoto credit: Pham Hong Anh

Participants took pictures in the event
Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

Color Me Run (also known as The Color Run) is an event with five kilometer paint race, inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi. The event has no winners or any prizes; however, runners are showered with colorful “magical happiness powder” at stations along the race. The first Color Me Run event took place in Arizona, America and widely spread to become the annual event for over 50 countries in the world, including Vietnam since 2014.

With the theme WE’LL BE UNITED, Color Me Run 2015 Vietnam tour owned 3 events, starting from Ho Chi Minh City in April, moving to Da Nang City in late June and finishing in late September in Hanoi City. As this is the first time ever Color Me Run event hold in Hanoi, runners from the capital were all excited for this event. As a result, estimating around 10,000 runners regardless of their age, gender and nationality participated in this event in Hanoi. It is no surprise to see foreigners from different countries in this event and a Japanese even won The Best Costume Award.

The Best Costume AwardPhoto credit: Pham Hong Anh

The Best Costume Award
Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

Participants have fun before the race begins Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

Participants have fun before the race begins
Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

Located in Vinhomes Riverside, Hanoi, the event started at 3:30 P.M but many participants had arrived early to sprinkle colored powder with their friends, take pictures and join the sub-events organized by sponsors. Before the race began, the runners actively warmed their body up, following the instruction of fitness instructors. The five kilometer race finally started including 5 stations symbolizing different colors. The first one is red, followed by green, yellow, blue and purple. People had fun together in each station, taking picture, laughing, singing, dancing and most importantly, dousing from head to toe in happiness powder. That is just how they come together as a community, where everyone is your friend; have fun, keep fit and forget all about the busy and tiring days at work, at school.

Counting down till the race startsPhoto credit: Pham Hong Anh

Counting down till the race starts
Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

The race Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

The race
Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

At red station Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

At red station
Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

After the race finished, the music fest began. Initially, the crowd enthusiastically danced following the exciting music of DJ Phat Beat and drum performance. Next, the show welcomed the acoustic group Lava Band, which has melted more than 19,000 hearts at Color Me Run in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. The band performed the cover version of popular songs around the world, together with that, the crowd started singing along with Imagine Dragons’ hit songs, danced along with Bruno Mars’s music and ‘clap along’ with Parallel Williams’ hit “Happy”. The crowd actually went wild when the band performed “Dragoste Din Tei” by O-zone, one of the most popular songs for years in Vietnam, even though both singer and listeners did not know any Romanian.

The show continued with MIN from St. 319, a young popular artist in Vietnam, with her hits namely, Lost, Shine Your Light and Love. The highlight of the show was the special appearance of the Australian artist, Tim Omaji performing his hit songs such as Send It Off, Can You Feel It, Parachute, etc. The crowd exploded by singing along, dancing and supporting the talented artist.

Artists perform at the show Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

Artists perform at the show
Photo credit: Pham Hong Anh

My friends and I had won a pair of tickets to Color Me Run Hanoi that is why we were able to join. Before coming to the event, it was still ambiguous for me what would happen there. However, experiencing this event that day totally changed my mind. As a runner participating in the event, I actually had so much fun there. That was the first time ever we actually walked five kilometers straight. We enjoyed every single station, walking together and throwing powder on each other. We loved all the music, all the new friends we had just met as we could actually feel the sense of a great community there. I promised to myself and my friends that we must join the event next year, invite more friends to come with us and if we have other opportunities, take part in Color Me Run in various cities in other countries as well. If Color Me Run happens in your place, come and join, you will not regret that decision, for sure.




By Pham Hong Anh, ASEAN Correspondent from Vietnam